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Why do foreigners like to find Shenzhen prototype factory more and more

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-05- 02 14: 04

Shenzhen is a well-known prototype processing customization base in the world. With the development of economy in recent years, more and more foreigners have begun to go to Shenzhen to find prototype manufacturers, what's the reason for this? You know, with the increase of domestic production costs, the price difference between customizing prototypes abroad and finding Shenzhen prototype factories to process prototypes is not great, but foreigners are still happy, the following is explained by the extension model.

presumably many people know, the foreign prototype factory usually only works for 8 hours, hardly works overtime, and the delivery period is naturally difficult to be guaranteed; The prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen usually work overtime, so when the order is large, they usually work overtime all night long, in order to be able to deliver within the specified time, foreigners will choose Shenzhen prototype factory when the order is large.

In the month of March 2016, the foreign trade business received a large order from an Israeli company, with hundreds of relatively large prototypes. The company has 55 large CNC machining centers. It is naturally no problem in CNC machining, but when it comes to manual polishing, it seems a little powerless. So the people in the office took the initiative to go to the prototype department to help polish after work. Although they were not very skilled and were peeled off by sandpaper, they still clenched their teeth and insisted, finally completed the project within the specified time and won high praise from customers.

extension model is engaged in prototyping 16 years, continuous R & D and improvement of quality, and the ability to give the prototype to the customer within the specified time, which is also the reason why the tuowei prototype factory is becoming more and more popular with foreigners.

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