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Why do prototypes need to be polished and functional?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2015-03- 12 10: 50

The prototype model has a difference in shape and structure when polishing. If the shape is not very special, when the surface layer is processed, there is not much difference between the finished product. When polishing, you can absorb the use of some coarse sandpaper to simply polish, and remove some of the thicker edges above for more detailed polishing. When the requirements of the product for the surface layer are different, the degree of polishing can be different. After the polishing is completed, and then spray some atomic ash, the advantage of this is that the original roughness of the product surface can be more obvious, and the problems existing in the product can be seen more clearly. In this way, when the correction is not too blind, targeted, until all the polishing processing of the product is completed.

The polishing process mainly has three major roles:

1. Enhance the adhesion of the coating: before spraying the new paint film, the old paint film layer after drying is generally polished, so there will be a phenomenon of smooth surface transition and poor adhesion, so, after polishing, the mechanical adhesion of the coating can be enhanced.

2. Substrate: for the substrate, it is mainly to remove burrs and oil stains on the surface of the substrate.

3. Scraping the putty surface: the general surface is rough and needs to be ground to obtain a relatively flat surface. Therefore, polishing can reduce the roughness of the surface of the workpiece.

polishing the prototype model is definitely not an extra task. It can effectively clean up the impurities on the substrate; In addition, if some materials are scraped over putty, most of the surfaces will be relatively rough. After polishing, it can make its surface smoother and reduce the roughness of the workpiece; Moreover, the material after polishing can make the coating better attached to it.

when producing a prototype product, be sure to polish the prototype model. After processing a component with a machine, it is difficult to avoid some edges or traces on it. When dealing with such problems, it needs to be solved manually. Under normal circumstances, polishing paste will be used for polishing, and sandpaper will also be used for polishing. In this process, the effect of polishing treatment can also be checked by spraying ash.

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