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Why electroplating is needed for prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-02- 13 16: 58

is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the metal surface by electrolysis principle. The intention of electroplating is to plating a metal coating on the substrate, change the surface properties or scale of the substrate. In the process of prototype model making, electroplating is a surface treatment skill commonly used in prototype manufacturing. What effect does the prototype process electroplating have? Now please learn about it with Xiaobian.

plating includes water plating and vacuum plating, in the process of prototype model production, the prototype factory specifically adopts which method according to the features of the prototype, and some prototypes (Such as Ring) It is small in size and cannot be fixed with a fixture. It needs to be hung up and placed in the water plating solution for slight shaking in a short period of time (For example, silver plating takes only 30 seconds)This way is called water plating. Some prototype parts are relatively large in size and can be fixed on the fixture, sprayed with conductive paint, and then vacuumed. This method is called vacuum plating.

electroplating during prototype model making can enhance the corrosion resistance of metals (Corrosion-resistant metal for multi-choice of plated metal) Add hardness, avoid wear, improve electrical conductivity, lubrication, heat resistance, and beautiful surface. Although both plastic and metal prototypes can use plating skills, because the properties between them are not the same, there are still differences in plating time. The adsorption force of the plastic prototype is relatively strong, which can be directly plated on the prototype surface. If the metal prototype is directly plated, it will simply fall, so the metal prototype needs to be sprayed with a primer before electroplating, in this way, the effect of electroplating will be very good, and the time of anti-corrosion will be longer.

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