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Why is this Shenzhen Fuyong prototype factory so popular with customers?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-06- 07 21: 30

Shenzhen tuowei model is a manufacturer with 16 years of prototype production experience in Fuyong. Compared with peers, it has no advantage in the price of the prototype, why do so many customers choose the extension model without agreement? Here is a detailed introduction to you.

The prototype manufacturer of fuyongtuo dimension is used what is unknown? Means'In order to get the customer's favor? In terms of accuracy, the processing accuracy of the Japanese imported brother machine introduced by the Tuowei model can reach 0. 05mm, it is difficult for the general peers to look at it; In terms of appearance treatment, the United States CTO was hired as the technical director, and PPG coatings were used for fuel injection. The adhesion was strong, the paint did not fade for a long time, and the quality reached European and American standards. In the customers of the extension model, there are many customers in Europe and America.

in terms of service attitude, the extension model has also been meticulous, when the customer's prototype starts to be processed, the relevant business personnel will take pictures of the processing process to the customer so that they can understand the production progress in time so that they can feel at ease. In addition, customers usually come to the company to assemble products, and the business will also take time to accompany them. Take some time ago, the customer will come to the company to assemble the prototype on Sunday, and the business Miss Xie will sacrifice her rest time to help the customer disassemble the prototype and install the circuit, finally, the functional test of the prototype was completed. The customer highly recognized Miss Xie's service attitude and wrote to the company to express her gratitude.

precisely because of the excellent quality of Fuyong prototype factory and the enthusiastic service attitude, so there will be a lot of customers choose to expand the dimension model.

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