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Why make a prototype model?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 05 10: 28

Why do you want to make a prototype model? This is a question in the heart of a person who has just entered this industry. When a designer of a general enterprise develops a new product, it is impossible to succeed in the first step, and there will be more or less flaws, even the point where they cannot be used. If the direct production is to be completely scrapped once there is a flaw, it will greatly waste manpower, material resources and time. This is often the case with prototypes. The products that have just been developed or designed need to be made prototype model. Prototype is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product and the only way to find out the shortage of the product! It can directly avoid the defects and deficiencies of the product, and sometimes it is necessary to test the production in small batches to find out the shortcomings in the batch.

because there are more and more people in the prototyping industry, the threshold is also very low, therefore, it is difficult for customers to select the manufacturer that suits your mind in so many prototype factories. For example, some time ago, a Mr. Wang found tuowei company and Huang Gong received the gentleman. Mr. Wang told him about the requirements of the prototype he was going to make, and consulted about the development of some prototype industries. After that, he told me that he had cooperated with a prototype factory before he didn't come to Tuowei, but their surface treatment was not ideal. So he decided to change to a prototype factory. In the same network as the sea, we found information about the company. The accuracy is as high as 0. 01, 17 years of development history, 55 cnc equipment, and five-axis machine support! After the chat, according to the usual practice, customers will go to the workshop to visit, so that customers can rest assured!

after the visit, Mr. Wang was very satisfied, so I made a list and sent the drawings. After a short discussion with the engineer, Huang Gong began to make a prototype model. few days later, the customer looked at the results. The surface of the prototype model was polished smoothly and the fuel injection was uniform. The surface is treated very well with no flaws at all. Paid the full amount.

I believe everyone understands why prototype models should be made, I believe that you have read this article and have a certain understanding of the extension model. Welcome to disturb you. You can contact the customer service on the right side and wait 24 hours!

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