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World\'s Cheapest 3D Printer On IndieGogo for $149

by:Tuowei     2019-08-08
The price of consumer 3D printers continues to drop, something new MOD-
T is the cheapest at present
But you have to wait a year to get it.
This \"early bird special\" version of a 3D printer from Pasadena, California-
The startup-based New Matter is on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for $149, but within hours of the event (May 28)
All 500 units have been sold. The MOD-
T is still sold for $199 at Indiegogo, and will be retail for $249 when it goes public in April 2015.
New Matter also announced that it will launch an online 3D print store at the end of the Indiegogo event, which it calls \"Etsy meets iTunes\" where users can buy shared and upload designs.
MORE: Best 3D printer 204the MOD-
Print in organic plastic called PLA, which is the most common and easy-to-
Printing materials are used.
It squeezes this material from a nozzle with a diameter of 0.
4mm, the same as most consumer 3D printers such as MakerBot Replicator Mini ($1,375)Da Vinci ($499)
3d pirates and Pirates ($899).
To create a 3D print object, MOD-
T build them from the ground floor (
This is called the fuse manufacturing or fuse deposition modeling used by most 3D printers). The MOD-
T can print layers that are thin to 0. 2 millimeters (
This is called Layer resolution).
This is not the best consumer 3D printer resolution, but it is consistent with other much more expensive printers.
For example, the Makerbot Replicator Mini has a 0.
1mm print resolution for $1375 (
While the Mini does have other features of the MOD
T not, like printing the camera inside the bay to show the progress of your project). The MOD-
T can print objects up to 6 inch x 4 inch x 5 inch, which makes it in the middle range of its competitors in the consumer 3D printing space.
In general, the Ministry of Defense
T weight 11 pounds
The included 3D printing software runs on Windows 7 and later, with Mac OS X, Android and iOS versions scheduled for release in the future. The MOD-
T connect to this computer via WiFi or a USB 2. 0 port.
Anyway, the Defense Department-
T is certainly not the most gorgeous 3D printer, but from the Indiegogo event it has everything the basic designers, educators or amateurs need to start 3D printing.
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