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world\'s first 3d printed uav takes to the skies

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
You already know 3D.
Printing technology is developing rapidly
It is used to print balloon animals, bikini and house keys, even a Affordable home printer, and a printer that you can print in 3D.
Now, I\'m happy to say that the 3D printer may be your new good friend in an unexpected place --the kitchen.
It\'s Cambridge, which is closely linked-
Headquartered in the technology food Hacker Company, a printer has recently been launched, which can be customized (custom-made)flavors.
The technology used by the printer for molecular cuisine (
Combine the liquid with seaweed sodium and drip it into a calcium chloride Bath to produce a liquid encapsulated in edible spots).
In this case, they made a fruit with juice that looked like a raspberry but tasted like a strawberry.
Is this the next revolution in food?
Hope so.
They think their printer is useful for both the chef and the home chef to combine a variety of shapes, flavors and textures.
The 3D printing industry notes that if you look at this photo, the printer doesn\'t have much scope or control yet: What is the impact of 3D printing on the average consumer?
Some believe that this may lead to the \"napsterfation\" of physical objects, in which case one will no longer be limited to purchasing goods through the usual chain of command.
Inventor/engineer Grace Choi is customizing the 3D printer
Design Foundation and other productsup.
Personally, if there is an affordable 3D printer in the kitchen that means I no longer need to run to the store when I don\'t have something or try to find a replacement, I totally agree.
However, I can easily see that my ingredients are running out and I can\'t print my ingredients in 3D.
Alas, there is no answer to that question.
What do you think of 3D printers making food?
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