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worrying samsung galaxy s10 flaw allows hackers to trick gadget’s fingerprint scanner using ‘3d printed finger’

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Samsung is under fire after videos of successful hacking into the Galaxy S10 smartphone\'s fingerprint security system appeared online.
The tech giant previously described the Galaxy S10 as having a \"vault-like security\'.
The video appears on the image-sharing site Imgur and is released by a user named Darkshark.
Darkshark demonstrates how to get a copy of the fingerprint from the Samsung Galaxy S10 and create a 3D version of the fingerprint and then unlock the phone.
It took only about 15 minutes for the whole process, but it did take some devices that were not easily accessible to everyone.
Darkshark wrote in a post: \"3D printing will unlock my phone. . .
In some cases, like my actual fingers.
\"In order to make a fingerprint, Imgur user said that he took a photo of their fingerprint on the side of the wine glass.
He then transferred the image to Photoshop for editing.
Then create a 3D model of the image using the computer program Autodesk 3ds Max.
The design is then sent to the AnyCubic Photon LCD 3D printer.
After the print was completed, the small fingerprint model was filmed for successfully opening the Samsung Galaxy s10.
While the video looks convincing, is it true that Samsung has not commented yet and has not clarified yet.
Darkshark did notice that the process was not a complete proof of failure and wrote: \"I spent 3 reprints trying to get the correct ridge height (
I forgot to mirror the fingerprint on the first one)
But 3rd times is the charm.
The user concluded: \"If I steal someone else\'s mobile phone, they already have their fingerprints on the mobile phone . \"
I can finish the whole process in less than 3 minutes and start 3D printing remotely to do it when I get to 3D printing.
\"Most banking apps only require fingerprint authentication, so if your phone is only protected by fingerprint, I can get all your information and spend your money in less than 15 minutes.
\"If tech bosses show pictures of terrorism, child abuse, self-aggression, they will face millions of dollars in finesInjury or suicide
More than 300,000 cyber criminals are selling your credit card information on Facebook, experts warn.
If you are shut out and can\'t remember the password, how to get into the locked iPhone.
Do you think this 3D printed fingerprint hack looks real?
Tell you in the comments. . .
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