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Would you eat these 3D foods?

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
3D printer that can be reinstalled
Canadian university is developing the use of lunar materials to create itself.
One day, this technology can make human 3D
Print the moon base and-
According to Alex Ellery, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa, space manufacturing on the moon with satellite and solar shield could help fight global warming, who is leading the project
\"I believe in myself
Copying the machine will be revolutionary for space exploration because it effectively avoids the cost of launch. com. [
How the moon base and the moon colony work (Infographic)]
The engineer envisioned that a 3D printer could be sent to the moon, where it could make thousands of copies from the moon materials around it.
Once there is enough 3D printer
The replication plant will focus on building all the other equipment and infrastructure needed for human exploration.
Ellery says he and his colleagues are close to 3D.
Print a fully functional motor with materials similar to what can be purchased on the moon.
According to Ellery, although some commercial 3D printers can reprint some of their own parts, none of them can produce motors and electronics.
\"Our starting point is the RepRap 3D printer, which can print many of its own plastic parts,\" Ellery told Space . \".
Com, which refers to open-
The source equipment was originally developed by the University of Bath.
\"For the full self
It needs to print its own metal strips, motors, electronics and software and its ownassemble.
\"Ellery and his team described the project in an article published last year in the Journal of spaceships and rockets, and they are using a mixture of plastic materials and iron filings.
Print the two parts of the motor, the stator and the rotor.
\"We need to maximize the magnetic penetration through the rotor, the rotor needs more iron, but the vortex in the stator is minimal, which requires less iron,\" Ellery said . \".
\"So we have been changing the amount of iron in the plastic matrix.
Ellery says the elements needed to make a similar mixture can be extracted from the lunar soil. The lunar 3D-
The printer equipped with robot arms will scoop up the pumice and heat it to about 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit (
900 degrees Celsius)using a so-
Known as the frensel lens, the sun is focused into the beam.
This process will first remove volatile gases from lunar soil.
According to Ellery, a component called titanium ore will then be separated for the extraction of iron.
\"Although we are using [Lactic acidplastic [to 3D-
Print component
I imagine replacing this with silicone plastic.
This can be made with moon volatile carbon compounds and Moon Water, \"Ellery explains.
As the next step in 3D
Printing the motor, the researchers aim to replace the wire coil of the motor with the aluminum coil printed on the lactic acid plastic substrate (
The latter is a common material for 3D printing).
On the Moon, aluminum will be fernico (iron-nickel-cobalt alloy)
The plastic will be replaced by a ceramic substrate made of molten lunar soil.
The magnetic field generated by the aluminum coil printed on the plastic substrate \"is actually quite weak, so we are trying to find ways to add more layers to increase the current through these layers. \"Said Ellery.
\"But in the end, what we\'re going to do is we\'re going to integrate it into the motor so we can get a full core, that\'s 3D-printed.
Ellery believes he will have a fully functional 3D.
The motor printed in a few months.
Another prerequisite for complete self
Copy Machine
Electronic products
This is a problem that may take longer to solve, he said.
This little motor is in 3D. printed parts.
Researchers at Carlton University are working to make the entire car 3Dprintable.
Credit: Alex Ellery through giffy \"we have studied vacuum tubes because we are trying to make solid
National electronic equipment is almost impossible on the moon . \"
\"The only material you need if you use a vacuum tube is nickel, tungsten, glass and cutover, all of which you can make on the moon.
Said Ellery, self
Neural networks are used to replicate machines
computing system imitating the human brain
Because 3D will be smaller and easier-
typical computing system.
The Carlton team has built a trial neural network and used it to control a small rover.
Once the motor and electronic controller can be 3D
We can print any type of robot including 3D printer as well as milling machine, drill bit, lathe, excavator etc.
\"If you have a robot self
Copy the machine, you can build a huge manufacturing infrastructure with robots on the moon.
\"This machine can build habitat for astronauts before they reach the deep sea --space location.
It can also be used to make space cheaply.
Solar-based satellites, satellites with solar panels convert sunlight into energy and send energy to Earth.
Humans can also build space shields to protect the planet from solar radiation, which could further counter the warming trend, Ellery said.
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