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WTF News! It\'s Weird, True and Funny

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
According to media reports, the Red Bull jumpers pushed themselves to new limits last week, trying to set a world record for the world\'s longest swing.
Dive down from the two steaming balloons below, and the night devil bumped 125 in the air, then turned off the device and parachuted to the ground.
A diver, Dominik Roithmair, said: \"The goal of the big wing project is to go crazy about the balloon . \" He added, \"it is possible to actually jump off a balloon and swing over to another balloon with a long rope, something that has never happened before, it must be the dream of childhood.
\"Intel Security revealed that Ellie gulding is the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet in the past 12 months and warned that a search query for the singer could make celebrities --
One of the most dangerous malware or viruses.
\"Consumers want to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip, which often makes them vulnerable to cyber crime without knowing it,\" said Nick Veney, vice president of consumer at Intel Security . \".
Intel Security has conducted this research every year for the past decade.
This is the first time that singer Ellie gulding has been on the list --
Change Kelly Brook from 2015.
Ellie is the big news of 2016, thanks to her latest single \"Falling for You\"
The film appeared in the soundtrack of the new Bridget Jones film.
This amazing picture shows the moment lightning strikes the plane through an electric storm.
For those on the ground, the spectacle could be fantastic, but it could create a new round of nervous passengers.
According to the aircraft belonging to the Icelandic airline WOW air, it took off from the keflavik International Airport in Iceland.
This is not as rare as people think. on average, a commercial plane crashed every two years. according to the last lightning flash, the time when a commercial plane crashed in the United States was 1967, at that time, electrical bolts caused sparks to ignite the fuel tank on the passenger plane and killed 129 people.
With a new technology added to their system, sewage trucks in Japan will no longer smell.
Four companies based in Osaka recently gathered to develop a way to shield the bad smell of vacuum trucks.
They announced the foul-
The smell of the truck can now make sweet chocolate
It\'s like perfume.
The science is based on a deodorant product created in 2011 called \"Deo Magic\", which has so far been used mainly for baby diapers and pet odors --
Eliminate products.
By injecting the lubricating oil used in Japanese sanitation truck vacuum equipment with a specially made Deo magic fragrance, the fragrance released during the annoying process of draining the sewage pipe now releases the chocolate fragrance.
Edie Simms, 102-year-
The old woman from Missouri, USA, crossed one more thing from her bucket list when the police handcuffed her and took her behind the police car.
Simms originally wanted to take a hot air balloon on her 10 th birthday, but when the hot air balloon fell, the officers who met her through her work at the local senior center, asked if she would take a police car.
\"I mentioned the idea of someone asking her,\" Sergeant John McLoughlin told reporters . \".
\"She said she would love it, but she wanted to be handcuffed.
\"On the day she was\" arrested \", officials wrote a mock arrest warrant for Simms and announced her arrest.
A pigeon apparently came from the border on Sunday and BSF personnel were detained after discovering a letter written in Urdu to Prime Minister Modi in the Bamial district Simbal post.
The development followed Saturday\'s discovery of two balloons in the area and a similar message.
The message written on a piece of paper, the police said: \"Modi ji, don\'t think we are the same as in 1971 (Indo-Pak war).
Now every child is ready to fight India. \"The grey-
BSF found colored pigeons near their post, inspector of the Narot jaanimal Singh police station (Pathankot)
Said Ramesh Kumar.
\"When the letter was found, the pigeon was holding it,\" he said . \" The bird has been \"detained\", he added.
Recently discovered the remains of Trump\'s past: a 1999-produced documentary on the soft core video called.
As can be expected from the title, there are many pictures of naked women dancing and posing in the video, as well as photos of touching themselves (and each other).
However, Trump did not do any of these things.
He appeared in a short cameo, and with the help of some playmates, he opened a bottle of champagne and poured it on the Playboy rabbit logo.
According to Huffington Post, the French composer Igorrr protested against a chicken named Patrick, who made a splash in front of a small piano and created
The description on YouTube assures us: \"Patrick\'s emotional pecking sonata music time has not changed or changed . \".
\"Support accompaniment is only provided by Igorrr.
A British puzzle enthusiast shared a video of his successful attempt to solve what he called the \"world\'s smallest Rubik\'s Cube.
\"Tony Fisher, after making a jigsaw puzzle over 5 feet in height, kept the Guinness World Record for the biggest Rubik\'s cube, and he created a Rubik\'s cube that was only measured.
22 inch per side
Fisher said he couldn\'t find a 3D printer to make the puzzle small enough, so he filed a cube.
24 inch per side
It is reported that NASA was again accused of hiding evidence of ufo after cutting off a live stream from the International Space Station, during which an unidentified object was found.
Keen space observer street cap1, which has nearly 40,000 users on YouTube, claimed that in a live broadcast of the space agency on September 30, it was possible to see some kind of otherworldly object flying near the international space station.
A stream record uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1 highlights the clearly hovering blue light in the distance.
While skeptics believe that light is just a lens flare, Steetcap1 denies the situation because \"unidentified objects are brighter on the left side due to light from the sun.
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