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Wuhan prototype factory-Very simple manufacturer to cooperate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-08- 22 16: 07

The feeling of cooperation with Wuhan prototype model factory with overall strength and no overall strength is completely different. Cooperation with prototype manufacturers with overall strength is very simple, partnership may be reached in half an hour or an hour.

not long ago, Mr. Sun of Wuhan searched'Wuhan prototype factory' After contacting the extension model, Mr. Sun inquired about the operation scale of the extension and its production equipment and relevant technical masters in detail, he was very satisfied with the extension and immediately sent the 3D drawings of the prototype, looking forward to the extension model can give him the corresponding price and delivery date. Tuowei's Huang Gong gave Mr. Sun a quotation in accordance with the regulations, and introduced to Mr. Sun in detail that the production workshop of tuowei model has 55 high-precision cnc machining equipment and five-axis machines, with more than 100 employees, more than 60 prototype Masters, with an average working experience of about 8 years, Mr. Sun is more at ease with the extension model. Without too much bargaining, he immediately reached a cooperative relationship.

few days later, Mr. Sun received the prototype sent by the extension model, was very satisfied with the quality of the prototype, and immediately sent the drawings of several other prototypes. Cooperation with Wuhan prototype model factory with overall strength is as simple as this.

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