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Wuhan prototype processing, you might as well look at the manufacturers in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-09- 06 15: 50

there are very few original factories in Wuhan. If customers over there need to process prototypes, they will generally choose Shenzhen's prototype factory, this is because the Shenzhen prototype factory started early, the prototype processing technology is mature, and the popularity is also very high. Therefore, if you need to find a prototype processing service in Wuhan, you may wish to choose a manufacturer in Shenzhen.

we received information from a Wuhan customer on Baidu last Monday. ' I have a medical prototype model. Can you make it'Customer service readily responded Of course, we have more than 10 years of experience as a medical prototype'. We make a quotation, and the customer asks one by one about our quotation, so that every point must be spent on the blade. After a detailed consultation between our two sides on fuel injection coloring, tapping teeth and whether it can be disassembled for production and manufacturing, manager Huang of the business of Tuwei model finally persuaded customers not to choose Wuhan prototype processing factory after some communication, and signed the order successfully.

after a week of fighting, we have successfully produced and produced a complete set of medical equipment, which has been approved for shipment after passing the inspection. If you need to find a prototype processing factory in Wuhan, look at the extension model.

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