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Wuhan prototype production, 17 years of high precision and good quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-11- 08 17: 23

It is in the era of rapid development that new good products are constantly emerging. Prototype suppliers are also emerging. To win the trust of customers for quality and service. So as to reach a consensus on cooperation. It is because we have done well on this that we have continued to develop for 17 years until further. In October, a customer of Wuhan prototype production.

The situation of many suppliers was known through the network, but no inquiry was initiated. But after seeing our 17 years of processing experience. The customer checked the website carefully. I saw the beautifully made prototype and had a consultation intention. The business colleague warmly received the customer from Wuhan prototype production.

introduced to him that we have 55 CNC machining machines. This year, in order to improve the quality, we also purchased multiple five-axis machines. Processing can achieve complex results that cannot be processed by the three-axis machine. Then the manual team leader with an average length of service of five years will handle it. Compared with the small Wuhan prototype, of course, it is a little more expensive but much better.

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