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Wuxi prototype factory-Strong sense of secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-05- 11 08: 00

extension model-- Wuxi prototype factory is positioned to build a high-precision prototype brand. It is a company with 17 years of experience in prototype customization. Last week, a customer from Beijing found the model through the Internet and came to the company for a field trip. Understand the relevant CNC processing equipment, as well as the delivery cycle. I hope the project manager can provide some more practical suggestions so that their prototypes can be developed quickly.

Huang Gong, project manager of Wuxi prototype factory, really lived up to expectations, before the customer came to see the factory, he carefully prepared the PPT and told the production process step by step through the combination of pictures and texts. He also told the Beijing customer about the history of the development of the Tuwei model. The customer recognized the level of Huang Gong very much. He believed that Tuwei model had the strength to make his prototype and signed a cooperation agreement immediately.

Wuxi prototype factory is also very strict with privacy, and most prototype factories are not complete due to incomplete workmanship, in the process of processing, it is difficult to avoid sending it to peers. Because the process of the extension model is relatively complete, there is no need to send it outside, there will be no such problem. In addition, the relevant business of the extension model will also take the initiative to sign a confidential agreement with the customer. The commercial protection of the customer's products is also the premise of cooperation. Many prototype factories are not paying attention to this, resulting in the products developed by customers being first boarded by others. If you want to find a prototype factory that is confidential and strict, look at the extension model.

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