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young entrepreneurs \'make in rajasthan\' 3d printer | jaipur news - times of india

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Jaipur: imagine giving a chair to your six people
The year old daughter gets inspiration from her own sketch and she can use it!
Or print out a model of a patient\'s fracture from a CT scan, and even plan a complex operation before performing a single incision or entering the operating room.
Yes, it\'s possible now in Rajasthan!
As India celebrates the \"Made in India\" week in Mumbai, a team of young entrepreneurs in Jaipur has been a huge success and the 3D printing revolution is breaking out. The multi-
A team of graduates of professional software, electronics, communications, machinery and design from a variety of IITs and NITs, on a three-year journey, 1 m prototype center in Rajasthan, India\'s largest 3D printer
The machine is able to make objects with a length, width and height of 1 m and opens up revolutionary possibilities with 3D printing technology.
\"The 1 m Photography Center is our flagship industrial 3D printer and the only one that can make up to 1 m objects.
It is loaded with cutting-edge features to ensure your print will never fail.
In addition to the fact that even in the event of a power outage, printing is restored from the same location when the power is restored, \"said Aakash, a gold medalist at MNIT and CEO and founder Aha 3D Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
With cutting-edge technology and innovation, the machine is loaded with features that handle empty filaments, filament jams, and even power outages even before potential problems occur.
In addition, its intelligent diagnostic software reminds you to maintain tasks on a regular basis and check all features on a regular basis to ensure the best output of the machine.
In addition, the machine is equipped with all the standard interfaces such as touch screen, WiFi and remote monitoring.
\"We started with a real-world 3D printer, which is more like a hobby-based printer and the first native 3D printer in India that can\'t serve the industrial sector.
The first model was launched in 2012.
This is improvisation under the feedback of industry and customers.
According to the customer\'s feedback, the team went to develop all the problems that ProtoCentre 999 had in the previous version. there were \"Tanmay Sethi team member 3D innovation soldiers. Ltd.
But before coming to the 1 m prototype center, we have made an alpha for this machine and so far it is the largest machine in India with a building volume of 0. 5 x 0.
75x1 m³, he said.
Today, these young entrepreneurs have the same customer base as ISRO, DRDO, JCB, Adobe, Greenstar (
Toshiba subsidiary)
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