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Your next home could be a click away as construction company unveils 3D printed villas that can be \'built\' in under 3 hours

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
Be patient and wait for your dream home to soon become the past.
Chinese construction company has found a way to pop up the house by pressing the button
3D printed house that can be assembled within 3 hours. The two-
Villa Storey show was built from pre-
According to the People\'s Daily Online report, on July 17, building components printed at a factory and subsequently hoisted in place using cranes.
The new technology used by the Zhuo DA Group, which is headquartered in Xi\'an, central China, is being carefully kept confidential.
While most construction companies using 3D printing technology use cement bases, the group is using an unnamed material for its villa.
Only 3,000 yuan is required for printing houses (£300)
Built per square meter.
By contrast, the average price is 36,000 yuan (£3,600)
Today, the retail price of apartments per square meter in China is impressive.
The company says the buildings will last at least 150 and will withstand high-magnitude earthquakes.
They have applied for more than 20 patents for their unique home, but the villas have not been listed on a large scale yet.
However, consumers are expected to buy it soonto-
With the rise of 3D printing technology in construction companies, order villas.
Another Shanghai-based company built the world\'s tallest 3D printing building in January.
The villa built by Winsun is 5 floors high, and the cost is 1 million yuan (£100,000)to construct.
The construction company used four huge 3D printers, 21 feet tall and as wide as a basketball court.
The houses are built with walls that are \"ink\" made from a mix of cement and eco-friendly building waste, and claim to make more solid walls than concrete.
The company is currently working in Dubai to build the world\'s first full 3D-printed office.
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