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Yueyang Vocational and Technical College to explore the dimension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-14
2017-09- 04 15: 25

On January 9, 2017, the extension model ushered in a special group of guests-- Hu Shuji, Dean Chen, director Chen and director Dai of Yueyang Vocational and Technical College came to visit our company! The reason why the guests are special is that Mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, once attended Yueyang Vocational and Technical College and graduated in 1999. This time, he was visited as a student enterprise.

First of all, under the leadership of Mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, several secretaries of Yueyang Vocational and Technical College visited the company, and feel the working atmosphere of Quancheng, understand the company's corporate culture, after the visit, and come to the company's large conference room with Mr. ou Guojun. Mr. ou Guojun, founder and general manager of tuowei model, told everyone about the company's development history and business, and combined with the current development trend analysis of mobile Internet, explained the future development direction of the company.

There was a small episode during this visit to the workshop, when Secretary Hu visited the polishing department, he just met Israeli customers and also visited our company. Secretary Hu started to speak English with Israeli customers for two or three minutes, moreover, it is a good answer, which shows the high level of Hu Shuji's English.

Thank you very much for your visit and visit to several secretaries of Yueyang Vocational and Technical College, and wish them a bright future!

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