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10-year-old girl gets special 3D-printed prosthetic

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Abdul gundas and his classmates at George Mason University are under pressure: their graduation depends not only on the success of their program, but also on the hope that it is impossible to be lovely --year-old girl. Fifth-

Isabella Nicola Cabera, a grade student, wanted to play the violin, but she was born without her left hand and her forearm was severely shortened.

Her music teacher at Island Creek Elementary School in ferfax County made her a prosthesis herself, but it was heavy and he thought there might be a better option.

He reached out to Mason, his alma mater.

As it happens, up and four of his teammates in the Department of Bioengineering had a project on the market --

Students were asked to take on a capstone project in their senior year, and their original idea had failed.

However, it was admitted at the beginning that there was some hesitation.

'It's a lot of pressure,' he said . '.

'You have a young girl who is counting on you and you should be cashing in. ”The team —

Guda, Mona El holy, Ella novoselski, Racha Salha and Asil al Hindi --

Develop multiple prototypes throughout the year.

lot of literature on similar projects helped them get a good start, but Isabella's case was unique to her, which included a lot of trials and errors.

It's easy for Isabella to communicate with the team and provide feedback, especially on weight.

13 ounces for the first time;

After Isabella's feedback, the final version was reduced by an ounce or two.

The team invited Mason's music professor, Elizabeth Admas, to provide feedback on Isabella's need to play the violin with some tips.

On Thursday, Isabella received her last artificial limb and hot pink made with a 3D printer (at her request)

'Isabella's attachment' is printed on the forearm '.

She played some scales while adjusting her body, and even played a few bars of Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

'Oh my God, that's a lot better,' Isabella said while trying out the new prosthesis.

The team gave her a surprise, a plug-in

Designed for her to grab the handlebar to ride the bike.

'I feel very lucky to have such a group of people,' Isabella said . '.

When the school began offering string lessons in the fourth grade, Isabella wanted to play music.

'I never told her no.

I told her we 'd try.

'There is no guarantee that the school will be able to adapt,' said her mother Andrea Cabrera . '.

'Through these little miracles, it's been moving forward.

Isabella never doubted that it would come together.

'I feel like I can play right away,' she said . '.

'I have been persistent.

10-year-old girl gets special 3D-printed prosthetic to play the violin

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