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15-year-old inventor of braille e-reader to launch

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

At the age of 15, Angad Daryani was a proud speaker at TEDxGateway. The Mumbai-

Several interesting mechatronics projects have been developed based on open students

SOURCE hardware including virtual Electronics

Blind readers, solar

power boat and an automatic gardening system called Garnier.

Angad studies robotics and automation at the innovators club in India.

He's also our colleague.

The founder of Makers Asylum in Mumbai is only 15 years old.

If this is not impressive enough, he built a 3D printer representing Rap at the age of 13.

Angad, who has always wanted to encourage the Indian manufacturer's movement, has set up a suite company.

Thanks to his cult of sharks, he named his kit company the shark kit.

His goal is to provide high-quality kits at a low price, as every child in India cannot afford expensive equipment.

Angad, who is building the cheapest 3D printer (Sharkbot) in India, shares his thoughts on itKrishna: Angad: sharkBot is the cheapest 3D printer in India and hardly uses open source components designed by others.

We designed almost every part ourselves.

We will have different models of SharkBot at different prices-

But the goal is to sell 3D printers and get everyone in touch with 3D printing at a very low cost.

Sharkbot's logistics and business will be the responsibility of Kunhar peripherals, my dad's national computer peripherals company.

We have offices all over the country, so we are looking at creating a national revolutionary Krishna: large number of I/O pins are needed for 3D printers.

Drive 4-pin required

5 stepping motors, 2 mosphets, graphic LCD, digital encoder and several other sensors and switches.

Krishna: Angad: about 40,000 INRKrishna: Angad: There's nothing here.

Just need a lot of search :) Krishna: Angad: I'm not looking at a product.

I want to create a revolution.

Manufacturer's movement in India. Where -

Everything I do is open source so that others can understand how it worksmake it.

Krishna: No.

The cost of the 3D printer controller board currently using Arduino Mega and pololu stepping motor drivers with slope shield is about 9000-10000 INR.

The board we developed is an integrated single-sided PCB board with INR 2,000.

Used to control the 3D printer.

Krishna: Angard: I was not making money after I started the creation campaign.

The profit per pack of shark bags is not much.

We just managed to recoup our spending on staff, office, etc.

Krishna: Angard: more like a creator.

I do programs, but not software, or complex machine learning algorithms.

I program with Java, C/C, processing, Arduino, and Labview.

I write programs for robots, automated machines using arduino, etc.

Krishna: Angad: Theis a device that converts pdf and text files we read in real time from Roman (English) to Braille and projects them outside the surface.

It is a device that converts digital text from Rome to Braille in real time, providing tactile braille feedback for visually tracking fingers

The person who was challenged

I built it with vijay Varada, Raghavendra Sh and Ankit Prajapati.

Krishna: Angel: Yes!

The device was developed by the MIT Media Lab in Hyderabad in collaboration with the LV Prasad Eye Institute.

The workshop was designed to develop low-cost eye diagnostic tools and assistive technologies for blind people.

We tried the device for people with impaired vision.

They can read but are not comfortable

This is what we have to do.

15-year-old inventor of braille e-reader to launch India

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