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19 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 13)

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

It's time for another part of our popular feature, and we show you 100% real photos, even though they all look 100% fake.

If you missed the first few issues, here are links to, and.

Or you can read this by yourself;

We don't pretend to know how busy your schedule is.

Your art photographer friend has finally learned Photoshop, and it looks like someone has decided to mix the color with the grayscale, perhaps to pay tribute to 'from.

But it was actually an unaltered photo taken after the eruption of the Indonesian volcano.

When the volcano erupted, a thin layer of ash was left on the landscape.

After the dust settled, it burst into bright red in the gray landscape.

The result is an eye-catching photo with inspiring messages from an era: Sometimes success means birth at the right time.

18 'I want a house that reflects my soul', it looks like someone chose the house with the wand tool in Photoshop and then lowered the brightness to zero.

Or a house every 13 months. year-

The old goth boy vowed that he would live in it when he grew up.

But it's actually one, or at least one.

While we would like to tell you that Glen Danze lives there, it was actually portrayed as such as a farewell before demolition.

Or maybe the House knows that the demolition guys will show up at night and go into stealth mode.

No, this is not human.

At a glance, you will say that there are two options for this 'people in the mountains' Photo: this is either a very quick and simple Photoshop work, or a very laborious and complex art project, it took months to turn the hillside into an image of the upcoming stolen goateed giant to leave the town.

But it's not--

This is a natural coincidence.

Before you talk nonsense, here are the close-ups that climbers Arnt Flatmo sees in this photo: What the locals call the man on the hillside 'Sulamannen '(

Tip: Shanben is located in Sura town)

Only when the amount of snow is right will he show up.

Folklore, every winter, like magic, this man with a sock hat and a goat beard appears, and once everyone is asleep, he will dive down and steal your TV,

Oh God, please tell us that for more than a dozen different reasons what he has cropped in this context doesn't look real.

Apparently, no one will hang themselves with their fingertips 2,000 feet from the ground.

Overall, the city landscape below him looks like a bad CGI effect.

Despite all the realism this guy has achieved, he turned himself into a picture of outer space.

But, if you're afraid of heights, be prepared to let the palms start sweating: done by a real idiot without a seat belt.

He is a Ukrainian and his name is what the Mustang wants, and if you want to see him taunt death in the form of a video, please note: he did not reveal his identity and motivation, but from the information we have, we assume that he wants to save some money to buy a wild horse.

Maybe you want to upgrade to our new fourth.

Size side panels this looks like a smart photo project, mixing the front and back views of the house in the desert by alternating views with each board. Or something.

But now you know, if you stand in front of the House, that's exactly what you'll see ---it .

If the desert is not so uniform that reflection is difficult to distinguish from the landscape on the other side of the House, it will not work, which gives the illusion that you are looking straight at it.

The house is part of the artistic installation of artist Philip K.

Smith III, if the photographer is not captured in the photo, we are not sure how the photo was taken-

This may be related to vampires.

Oh, if you think this thing looks weird during the day, it might.

14-year-old student from Lego School of Architecture 'so this is not Photoshop, just a real model of House Development s ** y?

'No, there are real, very small people there.

What is frustrating is that.

We can't give you an angle to make it look like a small legao village built by the world's most imaginative children.

There's even sex in the house.

Specific colors, orange for boys and cute pink for girls, provide parking for Lego Barbie dream car.

You can even see primer in a broader view-

The background is a gray model, probably waiting to be painted: Look carefully and you'll see a face, and if it's not Photoshop, it's some silly stuffed animals, right?

That's not what, you know. . . It sure is.

This is true, and its fur is the result of the elaborate breeding of thousands of generations of rabbits.

This means that breeders have to take a male that looks exactly the same and a female that looks exactly as fluffy or fluffy and make them better.

Are you imagining it?

Or at least you're imagining foreplay when the male has to dig out where her genitals are?

We have to admit, 'Yes, man, you can really feel the bass,' but for the first time in history we pay more attention to the rest of the picture than the fact that this guy's ball is showing.

The reflection that looks like an interesting house mirror is actually a statue of the artist Richard DuPont's own body and a modified 3D scan (

Or he tried to create an exact copy and the printer messed up).

We must praise him;

Many artists cannot resist the urge to give themselves a little upgrade under their belts.

Although we suspect he might be.

11 This is a shoulder tattoo of a stripper, and we are shocked that in the background of this photo, there is no unicorn next to it, and a man gently applies a magic, let his dolphin friends

Whether there are real people is just their real life. . . look like this? All the time?

Is the seaweed hiding a singing crab perched on his shoulder?

This picture is one.

If you look close enough, it's easy to find that the Magic missile of the water elves is actually just a well.

Place jellyfish.

By the way, this makes the photo less strange 1%.

Is he feeding it?

Does he have jellyfish food on his finger?

Do jellyfish allow you to poke them like this?

Are past Dolphins always amused by it?

10 'my arm!

'It looks like a cruel trapping trap designed to tear the tendon from the elbows of unsuspecting tourists, which is actually just a (

It's not him in the photo)

The King who created what seemed impossible in the world.

It is almost impossible to explain how it works in text (

Although if you stare at it long enough, you may eventually find out ---

You're looking at the hollow back of the sculpture)

, So the best thing you can do is watch its movement: the best thing about this video is when viewing the illusion from the front, even in motion, when you pass it, it still seems impossible.

Hell, even if you know how it works, your brain freezes again when he turns it around.

Look, this is the kind of s ** t used to put people on trial for witchcraft.

Sharkception this looks like one of those crap fake photos you 'd like to see on Facebook, debunked on Snopes a month later.

But this 'food chain in action' is actually real. -

It's Sharks who eat dog fish and bait.

Basically, in this case, fast

The witty dogfish decided to look for bait before the shark arrived.

He made the joke.

If the researchers didn't immediately go to a whale and plug it all in, we don't know what we paid them.

If it looks like a secluded island villa stuck to a huge apartment building, then that's what it really means.

Why is there such a thing?

Because sometimes the rich are crazy.

The villa is the work of a wealthy Chinese doctor who spent six years building it. The two-story-

Tall buildings are a combination of fake rocks and real trees and dirt. It cost him $2.

4 million, it was built in a noisy manner above a building inhabited by hundreds of people.

So, given that the building below is clearly not designed for it, how do you get permission to build something so crazy? You don't!

You just started building that building.

Sure enough, as soon as he finished, the authorities told the man to tear it down.

We have a feeling that this will end in an armed confrontation.

There is no water in this photo, it looks like a simple fish tank, or a photo of the scuba cut on a black background.

But there is no water, no seaweed, no other aquatic life here, it's just particularly cool.

These colors are called inclusions and are other substances found in the molten material when the gem is formed.

But even seeing it in someone's hands does not diminish the illusion that they manage to imprison a piece of the sea floor with some sort of magical crystal.

The photos were taken for an auction site that listed them for $5,400, but the site said they were suspended due to our assumption of the seller Wizard

Very close-

Paint on canvas?

Maybe sugar cream on the cake?

Maybe this is one of the most popular magic eye 3D images after 90 s?

Don't guess. -

You may stare at this all day long and never infer that what you see is a satellite image of red sand meeting the tsachab River.

Now let's hit your mind again: there is no water in this photo.

The bottom is a dry river bed.

The color comes from white salt mines and vegetation (

If you are really close, you will see the highway through the middle and a side road that is more than half apart).

This is another image that makes it look exactly as strange as the last one: 5 Oh s * t! Ghost Tsunami!

This water vapor wave looks the lowest in the world.

key natural disaster, but from the ground it may not look like anything but a little fog.

This photo was taken in Florida, a rare sight when the air temperature and humidity fit.

Thank you to those hotels--

The building lifts the air flow, causing the air to cool and the pressure to increase.

This makes the water vapor condense and suddenly you have a 50-

The story wall of fog gently crashes on ridiculous and expensive waterfront properties.

At this time, if we can see the air at any time, you will appreciate how weird the world is.

When we don't pay attention, it may become cool like this.

'We are only here for a week, dear!

'We'll let you stop and count things that don't make sense in this picture, and it's strange enough if St. Basil's Cathedral doesn't sit in the background.

The object that covers the Moscow skyline is what it looks like ---

huge Louis Vuitton suitcase.

There is a pavilion in the huge imitation luggage.

The arrogance of putting this symbol of Western consumerism next to the grave of a famous communist party member has not been ignored, and anger has forced them to take it down.

Hey guys, scream at all, but this is your punishment for losing the Cold War.

Throw it away and we replace it with a huge replica of a small wallet with a dog inside. 3 Polka-Dot Dress? Row of White-Capped Bottles?

This is another one. The longer you stare at it, the more chaotic your eyes will become.

But if your eyes drift near the bottom, you will find that you are seeing a bunch of guys.

In particular, the French police in uniform received attention at the graduation ceremony.

Did you find that the guy in the upper right quadrant leaned over and probably looked at the front while waiting in line trying to figure out how long it would take for him to get his damn diploma?

Is this the largest bridge in the United States, is it us, or does it look like someone has mated this lighthouse with a previously fluffy rabbit?

We will Photoshop in an image of a rabbit climbing up the lighthouse, but inserting a modified photo would go against the spirit of the article.

You can do it yourself.

Look carefully at this thing that finds White is ice, and when the ice Post freezes, the wind turns the ice Post into a twisted tentacles.

The lighthouse is above. no, we don't know how you should get into that door.

Holy f * k, this is the blue lava and we don't even know what to say. Look at it.

This is a hostile alien landscape.

Imagine a hot wizard fire rolling in your village.

Followed by the brown lava that erupted in your own pants.

In fact, it's not a volcano, it's a sulfur mine, and you get blue flames when you get them.

It does not burn when sulfur comes out of the ground-

When the miner 'accidentally' lit it with a torch, the surreal blue flame burst out.

We quote 'accidentally' in the irony because you only know that they are lighting all the time just to see it burn (

We think this is the only benefit of working in the sulfur mine).

By the way, try to imagine, as the first person to accidentally put the torch there, only to see it.

19 Images You Won

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