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3-D printing's radical new world

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing is now a hot topic, especially when it is reported that this incredible technology has entered the consumer market.

Prices are falling as more companies try to consumegrade machines.

Is it time to start expecting that we all have aStar Trek?

Just like producing a replica of everything we want at home, when we want it, although the technology is not as versatile as the user --

Friendly as the dream of science fiction, its meaning includes the potential to provide what we need in a greener, less Environment

Concentrated, less resourcesintensive way.

But, as with any new technology, there are potential negative effects of balancing scale.

In the long run, the human imagination will undoubtedly contain new uses that now seem strange to us, but they may make sense as technology becomes ubiquitous and household.

In short: like many human inventions, the future of 3D printing includes good, bad and weird.

Good3D printing actually refers to a series of different technologies used to make three

Size object in digital file.

First of all, the size and details of the object must be drawn up CAD (Computer

Auxiliary design) software.

The CAD file provides the direction of the machine building object, like an inkjet printer, to arrange the molecules layer by layer.

How the machine prints objects depends on the type of technology used by the manufacturer.

The first rapid prototype using 3D printing technology was put into commercial use in 1986.

Since then, these machines have become ubiquitous in commercial manufacturing stores.

At first, they enabled the company to produce plastic prototypes on site faster, but the real benefit came from their extensive use as an additive to make machines --

Products can be manufactured by adding resources, rather than subtracting from larger materials by grinding, drilling, sanding, etc.

Thanks to the ability to build products from the bottom up, 3D printers can print shapes that cannot be effectively manufactured in any other way.

For example, Airbusis, which uses a 3D printer to make aircraft parts lighter-

Let the plane use less fuel-

Without sacrificing strength and security

People with missing limbs can customize the 3D printer according to their personal shape, ability and style.

3D printing also means much less waste.

Traditional machining methods usually leave up to 90% of the metal plate in the machine workshop, but Additive Manufacturing produces a lot less waste in the first place, and also makes it easier to reuse anything left over.

The machine is also the final expression '--in-

'Time' manufacturing: a company can immediately manufacture the required parts on the spot, instead of relying on the old system that requires a large number of parts to be manufactured, stored in a huge warehouse and shipped to distant placesRemote areas.

To further reduce the resource footprint of our products, some researchers are working on installing recycling machines to allow manufacturers and enthusiasts to reduce the ordering of raw materials that they have to order from elsewhere.

When the 3D printer is ready to saturate the home --

Using the market, they can offer an almost complete self

Contains the system.

When printed items are damaged or need to be replaced, home users can simply recycle them into the machine and create a cradleto-cradle system—

The holy grail of recycling advocates.

The main cost is in the machine itself and in consumables or injection materials.

Which injection material your home machine uses depends on the company, the type of printer you have and which material you want to make your item.

3D printers are able to make items from a variety of plastics and metals as well as glass, wood, food and even living cells.

Most cheap machines are limited to plastic, but many will use more than one plastic.

Consumers can also order 3D printed goods online, and 3D printers like toKinkos are opening in the local community to speed up the turnaround.

You can find or buy the CAD file of the item you want online, download it, send it to your local printing factory and go to pick it up in a few hours.

These companies offer consumers and small businesses all the benefits of custom additive manufacturing without having to learn CAD (computer-

Auxiliary design) and handling machines that may cause potential hazards such as toxic smoke or exposed moving parts.

Some cheap machines rely on the wisdom of consumers. -

In the most loose sense of the word ---

Allow ventilation to avoid exposure to exposed areas.

We can range our own items.

Creating in this way is as infinite as the originality of the network.

Just go online, find the right CAD design and print it out from the printer

Look, you have a way to make a light with your grandmother's old crutch.

Or print a set of Lego toys for your child, a new food container, a custom iPhone case, and any other practical plastic curiosity your family needs. If home-

3D printing-based products are becoming popular

With digital technology again forcing a huge change in the retail business model, online stores and large mass manufacturers will almost certainly find their business model threatened.

Shopping malls and factories--

The cornerstone of American consumer culture-

Will find themselves increasingly irrelevant.

No matter how great the potential of any technology is, the bad side is always waiting behind its ugly head.

In his fourth law of technology, John smart pointed out that the first generation of new technologies is almost always more human than beneficial ---

3D printing is no exception.

Never underestimate the intelligence that humans will bring to the worst impulse to apply any new technology.

Think about the reasons why the Internet serves racism, gender discrimination and kittie porn

The cat forced me to the wall! ).

The Internet frees people to say things online that they don't say in public. -and find like-

Those who confirm these points.

Now, all those horrible people who are isolated at home and addicted to fishing can let their distorted imagination Imagine 3D prank objects of any size, shape and color.

Paramount research recently issued a stop. and-

stop letter to those who release toy designs according to a movie in the studio, which is a licensed item.

Lawyers will become rich in writing these letters in the short term, but in the long run, it is difficult to prevent anyone from publishing downloadable designs on the Internet for home 3D printers, to create any novelty of their choice.

The same concerns about intellectual property in the music industry have been going on for more than a decade and are now about to visit manufactured goods.

Some of these objects will be dangerous.

Weapons like knives or clubs can be printed in any shape and with viable material.

In some states of the United States, AR-

15, a popular gun that can be purchased without a permit, except for a lower receiver.

Recently, the design of the lower receiver was posted on the website thingiverse where the user shared the 3D printer design file.

The last part can now be printed free of charge under the privacy of the individual's home.

Some people are arguing about whether the receiver is good enough under plastic, but the bigger point is clear: assuming the design works, any 3D printer that can handle metal or polymer can privately print out the necessary parts of the gun that function unregistered.

Homemade guns are nothing new.

Usually legal in most states of the United States.

3D printing can make it easier to create them, making sure we will have more 3D printing.

No matter what you think about the Constitution of the United States and the right to carry weapons, this may end up handing a bunch of untraceable guns into the hands of people who cannot legally buy them.

In addition, gun violence in the United States is easy to export

On the Internet.

Other countries with stricter gun regulations.

Printing items covered by intellectual property law raise legal, financial and security issues.

In Texas, a small group of thieves used a 3D printer to make an ATM card scanner that was installed at an ATM in their city.

Then they stole about $400,000 before they got caught. Also,i.

Materialise, an online 3D printing service, reported that a customer tried to pass on the design of an ATM scanner through their service.

The design was rejected, they said, but they still received a search for ATM scanners on their website, indicating that criminals want to enter the black market through 3D printing.

Thieves in Texas pay for their crimes, but future criminals may not.

Casual lock member AGerman-

The selection club only looked at a photo of his police key being worn by the police and designed a key to Dutch handcuffs. (That’s right!

He built a key with only one photo.

He then printed a copy that proved to be valid and posted the new design online.

The Dutch police did not report the use of 3D printed keys, but if a member of an entertainment club can do that, of course real criminals can do the same.

3D printing may even completely destroy the war on drugs.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed a system that can print out the laboratory equipment needed to manufacture drugs.

While this technology has the potential to democratize the pharmaceutical industry, it may also enable people to print illegal drugs from home in a way that is safer and less detectable than a garagebased meth lab.

It also means that the drugs that people buy can become more dangerous than they are now, with black market personnel constantly trying new substances and treating their customers as guinea pigs.

Grotesque3D printing is more than just making Fake Plastic Trees.

It represents a new paradigm, additive manufacturing, a radical revolution in how we create many common objects that surround us and support our lives.

For example, researchers at Wake Forest University are using the technology to print the new skin directly to a burn wound.

They scan the wound of the burn patient to the computer and the computer makes a 3D image of the wound in exactly the same size and shape.

The printer then prints the new cell layer-

Replace ink with skin

Directly to the lesion.

The whole process was developed for US troops in Afghanistan, which took only one hour.

The study of 3D bio-printing technology will eventually print the organs prepared for implantation.

This means that there is no longer a waiting list for organs, and there is no longer an age limit for the organs mentioned above.

With the rich taking advantage of new trans-human lives, the organ donation system may be left to the lower classes --

Extended technology, with age, everything from face to eye to liver has been replaced.

This is where it becomes very strange.

If long-

The future term of 3D bio-printing is integrated with some unfamiliar aspects of transgenosis, and it is possible that additive manufacturing will become an additive bio-hacker attack, instead of taking it away from one body like an organ transplant and handing it over to another body creature to print new organs may change society's perception of implants.

As people use bio-printed body parts, the borg vision of enhancing our body with digital technology may become a reality

And other biological means.

Improve their existing capabilities

We're already on the road: People have magnets on their wrists and magnets on their arms.

Some may end up wanting an extra ear, or a second pair of eyes on either side of their head, giving them 360-degree vision.

If someone, for reasons we can't understand now, decides to have a third eye on their forehead, or to grow a third arm from their back, they can have it.

Once 3D bio-printing is able to create new body parts, ethics will become meaningless.

Like any cultural assumption about the future, the idea of planting extra arms into a person who might be sensible sounds ridiculous --

Until you see dozens of women who are already beautiful, they prefer monsters that look like circuses, with unusually plump lips, buttons on their noses, and shiny skin.

quick look at any of the celebrity tabloids will provide dozens of major examples of men and women of almost any age who look like plastic mannequins.

(Let's not go into the reason, place and sequence of people's tattoo and piercing choices.

) If you doubt if anyone will be brave enough to try a weird fashion statement using a 3D bio-printed body part, as long as askCat Man, Dennis Avner, who zooms his face up, looks like a tiger.

However, unlike the enhancement of Cat People, the implanted 3D printed body parts may actually be useful.

With the development of robots and automation, more and more people may try to gain the advantage of the job market through specific enhancements, which will enable them to perform certain unique tasks.

If the human body can be adjusted to the third or fourth arm, data entry professionals can become more effective by drinking water with the third hand when the other two hands continue to type.

Logging workers can climb trees more easily with tools in their hands.

If the employee is willing to sign five agreements, the company may even offer to pay for the operationor 10-year contract.

In addition, the military may be interested in getting its soldiers to hold more guns or fight hand in hand --to-

More effective hand warfare.

Society is certainly not ready for this extreme body modification, but it is not hard to imagine that once a doctor begins to implant a 3D printed organ, one will ask for some very strange cosmetic or practical enhancements.

3D printing has changed several industries, from toys to airlines, and the revolution is now coming.

In addition to all the obvious economic and environmental benefits that this technology will bring, it presents some very challenging implications for how we view shopping, safety, health, and everything else.

While the impact of any new technology cannot be fully resolved in advance, it is time to prepare for the next large-scale technological change that will subvert our economy and reprint the basic order of our lives.

As technology advances and progresses, we may even see shopaholics coming together with the ho product, and then we may be miserable about printerholics living in a 3D printed trinket sandbox-

Just can't stop printing on their days. Dennis D.

Draeger is a visionary afr researcher and a freelance writer of technology and its social impact.

Follow him on Twitter @ dddraeger.

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