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3D metal printer that works in zero gravity developed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

The prototype has even been tested on the European Space Agency's 'vomit comet', a device used to simulate weightlessness in space.

While 3D printers are an increasingly popular product, this new version is specifically designed to print metal in order to make key components for spacecraft.

Dr Luke Carter of the University of Birmingham told The Times: 'It's challenging and metal is a different game . '.

The device is designed to operate at low power because there are 'very strict power requirements' in space.

It runs at 1,300 watts, less than a kettle.

Since 'most [printers] use metal powders, weightlessness poses its own problems.

You don't want it floating around

'It sounds a bit like sci-

'Carter said.

'Our goal is long term.

Space mission.

Travel to Mars on the moon base.

When we go to the moon in our 60 s and 70 s, we can take everything we need.

This is a camping trip.

If you're going to Mars, it's an 18-month journey.

He pointed out that some relatively small things could ruin the entire mission during such a long journey.

'You got to the point where you were floating in the pods, someone opened a cabinet and the hinge broke.

Then you let it float around the whole journey, 'he said.

Carter said people are very interested in the idea of 3D printing in space.

'Imagine how many components you would have to bring otherwise.

Picking up a roll of aluminum wire is much better than the whole store cabinet.

Carter said: 'After the test, the next step is to take the prototype to the International Space Station for the first full-space audition.

3D metal printer that works in zero gravity developed by British scientists

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