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3D Print Halloween Jewelry - Stitched Neck and

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Having to scrap many prints over and over again due to errors and finally getting unfinished parts with only a few layers of thickness, I realized that it was quite flexible if the print was thin.

I think I can try this for jewelry.

As it was Halloween, I designed a stitched neck and wrist set along with a bloody slit neck chain that can be easily added to your outfit.

Or, if you want to wear clothes or not; )

I didn't try to damage these, but it looks pretty durable even though they are thin.

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Instructable 282 all you need is the documents of the jewelry and some extra things (

3D printers, of course).

Supply: with a little help from Vectary, I created my design using Tinkercad.

I had some trouble as I approached to sew my neck.

I am trying to use Sphere and Cylinder but everything looks too mechanical to be smooth enough to meet my needs.

Then I remembered the drawing tools they recently released.

It works very well.

I started with the base of the necklace (the slit)

Then began to drip down the spots.

I delete and add until I am happy with the results.

After the design was done, I 'finished' it and put it on the design bed.

I changed the depth so when I print it will only be 2 layers thick and then add a hole at each end to connect to the chain and buckle.

I make the design space as large as my printer bed so I know the maximum space I can do (

I also printed it diagonally to the largest size possible).

My bed is not big enough to make a necklace that extends all the way to my neck, but I can get it close enough so I can end it with a chain.

To add a little extra to the design, I took it to the web tool Vectary and added some extra depth to the drops using the extrusion and smoothing feature.

I kept the band on two floors and let it bend around my neck.

I think the drops look better, but it will be more uncomfortable to wear.

Also, since I really don't know what I'm doing, the design needs to be placed below the Z plane in the slicer to make sure the print is correct.

Stitch design thinner Tinckerad-

For ordinary thick Tinkercad-

The stitched neck is a bit difficult for soft fibers.

Its foundation is very simple, only two layers.

I decided I could make the stitches thicker as they don't need to be bent like the bottom of the necklace.

So I used a Mobius and a circle to sew the needles and go through them to give it some variation.

I also did the stitches of different sizes so it wouldn't be too uniform.

Like the previous necklace, I made a diagonal line on the blackboard so I could print it out as long as I could.

I made some bracelets at 5 for fun.

5. walk 6 inch with the necklace.

Printing these is very simple.

Please check carefully if they are too thick before printing the slicer.

If so, go back to the design and make it thinner and export it again.

Keep in mind that if you print a thicker bloody necklace, you need to take it down so the band has only two layers.

If you print it out in the right color, you're done.

You need to spray if not.

Originally, I didn't have red silk, I printed blood silk with copper, and then sprayed it outside.

I didn't see a point of spraying the sides on my skin.

I also put a seal to make it a little shiny.

Before adding chains and buckles, please take a look at them first.

There are stitched bracelets from top to bottom, stitched neck chains, thin slit neck chains and thick slit neck chains.

Both split neck chocolates are printed in the same red color, but the thicker design makes the red look a little darker.

Add your jewelry discovery now.

Because the necklace is not long enough, I put a buckle at one end and a chain at the other end so that it can adjust as well.

They were meant to be worn, but for comfort you need to relax them as much as you can.

3D Print Halloween Jewelry - Stitched Neck and Dripping Bloody Neck

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