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3d printed ‘bionic eye’ looks likely following breakthrough (video)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
This breakthrough development can pave the way for artificial eyes to help blind people see and improve the overall vision of human beings.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed this pioneering step in the academic journal Advanced Materials.
The panel was able to print the light receiver on a semi-spherical glass dome.
While 3D printing on a plane is common, it is more challenging to print a delicate light receiver on a surface.
\"Bionic eyes are often considered science fiction, but now we are closer to using multi-material 3D printers than ever before,\" said Michael McAlpine . \" Lead author of the study and associate professor of mechanical engineering.
\"We still have a long way to go to reliably print active electronics on a regular basis, but our 3D-
\"Printed semiconductors are now beginning to show that they may be comparable to the efficiency of semiconductor devices manufactured in micro-manufacturing facilities,\" McAlpine said . \".
McAlpine and his team used to print a \"bionic ear\" and create other lives --
Like an artificial organ practiced by a surgeon, it includes electronic fabrics that can be used as a bionic skin.
The attempt to make a 3D printed eye was inspired by McAlpine\'s mother, who was blind in one eye and often asked him, \"when will you print me a bionic eye \", the next step for the team is to create a prototype with more efficient light receptors and create a way to print on soft materials that can be implanted with real eyes.
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