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3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Sounds like the ultimate. it-

Your own project: Printyour-own-home.

Instead of bricks and mortar and the need for construction workers, this is a customizable building plan that converts itself from a computer screen graphic to a real building

Due to the latest developments in 3D printing technology, the world lives.

This dream is still something we can't achieve, but several team of architects around the world are working hard to create the world's first 3D-printed homes. Amsterdam-

One of the Dus-based architects

The company plans to print a canal house in the Dutch capital.

It is worth taking a moment to think about this premise;

The machine will not humbly 3D-

Print the usual cup, curtain ring or jewelry but the actual building.

Make this a possible printer-


miracle in itself.

The name is translated from Dutch to 'room-maker'.

It has a shiny metallic look, made from the wreckage of the container, 6 m long (19ft 8in)

Very high, easy to fill the common living room.

The device uses different types of plastic and wood fibers, using a computer

Draw the floor plan and use them to first make the exterior wall of the building, then make the ceiling and other parts of the separate room, and finally make the furniture.

These parts will be assembled on site like a huge jigsaw puzzle, and since some of their edges are shaped like huge Lego parts, they are connected to each other, and 'stitch' the elements together using a steel cable.

Each part is created using layers-by-

The layer process of shaping solid objects by printing thin 'slices' of building materials, one level at a time, which are combined together.

When I interviewed the architects

Heinz man and Hans vermulen

BBC World Radio Click

I was able to stand comfortably in the machine with them.

From the opposite side, I can see that the huge print head of the device is connected to a flexo pipe that extends down from the ceiling, through which it can pour into the heated plastic material that eventually forms the structure of the house.

As with the smaller peers, the print head first moves horizontally and then vertically builds sausage slices of 3D objects.

Huge devices will make individual lives.

In a room of print session size.

I was shown a Rose Knot window frame which was recently 'printed' as a demo.

The young architects were obviously excited.

Architecture is usually a slow and hard subject.

After graduation, their first traditional building, from entrustment to execution, lasted six years.

This 3D project should be completed in a very short time.

By the end of this year, the full-print facade of the building will be erected, although it will take several years before the project is completed.

'We are the core manufacturer, and the 3D printer provides us with a DIY kit,' says Heinsman MS . '.

Mr. Vermeulen added that he believed his industry was 'at the forefront of the new industrial revolution '.

Their company has formed a collective of designers and computer scientists who are sharing their expertise and taking advantage of the Open

Computer tools for building this canal house.

The 3D printer, like modern sculptures, stands on the grass outside the collective office.

It's not just because it's too big to put in their office, the team wants the public to see the superb technology of this 3D printer.

They also have more rules.

The size of a 3D printer in their office for building a doll house

The size of the Canal House is modeled on a scale of 1: 20.

It is essential that the instructions for building these small versions come from the same computer files that the architect designed for the actual house.

Over time, the Canal House will be built from the bottom up.

Heinsman MS says you may notice changes in architectural aesthetics as your eyes move up.

'The top of the facade will be the most beautiful decoration, because by then we will refine our understanding of how the printer works,' she explained . '.

KamerMaker 3D is unlikely to be completed

Printed houses will be as cheap as traditional canal houses

Made by developers.

But architects use it as an experiment that provides proof of concept and proof of the unconstrained constraints of 3D printing.

It may look like a sci-fi novel, or a vanity project of the kind that millionaires expect, but it's really an idealistic but level fantasy concept --

With limited budgets, their focus is on social housing.

Developers may not be shaking in their boots, but 3D printing has the potential to damage the construction and appearance of our town.

You can hear more about the effort to build 3D

Click on the House printed by BBC World Service at 1830GMT.

3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam

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