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3D printed cast could heal bones 40 per cent faster

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Medical castings printed in 3d can help bones heal 40 faster.

Black castings, known as bone-like bones, use an ultrasonic system to make bones heal faster.

With a plaid pattern, it is filled with ventilation holes, which the designer says means it can't smell or itch --

Not like traditional actors.

Plaster is combined with a low-intensity pulse ultrasound system (called LIPUS) for 20 minutes a day, which the designer claims will reduce the process of fracture healing by up to 38.

The system can also improve

The union's fracture did not improve in three to six months, up to 80.

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After taking the pill on the grounds of conscience, face qualifites bar DK design, designed by Turkish industrial designer Deniz Karasahin, said that bone-like bones will 'by focusing on patient comfort, improve the fracture or the time it takes for the body to self-repair.

Mr. Karasahin also said that this kind of bone is not only eco-friendly, waterproof, but also thinner than the traditional plaster.

3d models will be customized for each patient.

To perfectly fit the limb, scan the injured area using a 3d body scanner.

The subsequent data is transmitted to the modeling software in which the overall dimensions and geometry of the casting are determined.

DK design bone like bone is in concept stage but hand surgeon

Michael Housman told Co.

It can design websites that are medically feasible.

'We know that ultrasound is effective.

There is good evidence, recently published in two papers in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the leading journal of orthopedics.

'The paper shows that ultrasound can be used to treat the fracture of the tibia, and another paper shows that ultrasound can accelerate the healing of the fracture of the wrist.

3D printed cast could heal bones 40 per cent faster

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