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3D printed mud houses will soon be an option in impoverished countries

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
University shows the first photo taken by a 100 telescope made of parts made from 3D printers.
Researchers at the University of Sheffield behind the project claim that the PiKon telescope has higher image quality compared to models costing 10 times.
The online plan allows anyone to download and print the components needed to build the device.
As part of the city\'s science festival, images of the telescope were published.
It took many pictures of the surface of the moon when it was first used.
One of Pikon\'s developers, physicist Mark Wrigley, said he hopes the new telescope will change the rules of the game.
\"We hope that one day it will be compared to the famous Dobson\" Pattinson \"telescope, which will allow amateurs to see the night sky for the first time,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s all about democratizing technology, making it cheap and open to the public at any time.
\"The core of the telescope is the camera module of the Raspberry Pi, a cheap bare metal computer made in the UK.
Based on Isaac Newton\'s reflective telescope design, the concave mirror focuses the image directly on the Pi camera sensor, which is mounted on the components created by 3D printing.
Other parts such as lenses and mirrors can be purchased from online suppliers.
Because the Raspberry Pi camera is small in size, it can be installed directly in front of the mirror.
The magnification of the PiKon telescope is 160 times, which means that on cloudless nights it can see the surface of the moon in detail as well as galaxies, star groups and some planets.
Wrigley says designers will use public feedback to improve telescopes and develop new products.
Other activities of the University spiritual festival include the live music performances of 150 musicians of the Gustav Horst Symphony Orchestra in the popular music planet
An interactive gallery of video game art.
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