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3d-printed objects may be toxic: study

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Washington: according to a new study, parts produced by some commercial 3D printers may be toxic, which raises concerns about how to deal with parts and scrap in increasingly popular equipment.
Researchers at the University of California studied two types of 3D printers-
One who melts the plastic to make the parts and the other who uses light to turn the liquid into a solid.
They found that the parts of the two printers had obvious toxicity to the zebrafish fish embryos, while the parts in the liquid
The printer is the most toxic.
They also developed a simple post.
Printing Processing--
Exposed to ultraviolet light-
This reduces the partial toxicity from the liquidbased printer.
The researchers said the study was conducted when the main features of the 3D printer were soa rings.
Prin ters using melted plastic for $200, liquid-
A printer for $3,000.
Researchers make CDs using each printershaped parts.
They then placed these plates in a petri dish with ze brafish embryos, studied survival rates and hatching rates, and monitored developmental abnormalities.
Although the average survival rate of showing embryos to parts of plastic melting printers decreased slightly, the embryos exposed to liquid parts
The resin printer significantly reduced the survival rate by more than half of embry OS deaths by the third day and all of them by the seventh day.
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