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3D printed toy prototyping made of photosensitive resin

3D printed toy prototyping made of photosensitive resin


Tuowei-3d Printed Toy Prototyping Made Of Photosensitive Resin

Tuowei prototype company is a professional 3d printing hand-board model company, existing 1 Israel import 3 d printer, a full set of standard equipment, the company has professional and technical personnel more than years work experience (all), to undertake various types of standard business: all kinds of household appliances, computer, telephone, mobile phone, fax machines, digital cameras, electronic toys, plastic and metal products the appearance of the planks and structure's plate production, product small batch complex mode. The company specially sets up the specialized personnel to introduce the model production process for the customer, and guarantees that all the business information confidential!

The beauty of 3D printing is that it doesn't have to be done in a factory. Desktop printers can print small items. Larger items, such as bicycle frames, car steering wheels and even airplane parts, require larger printers and more space. Want to say is the first model is not mold, model is after the designers haven't apply for patent in accordance with the developing of product structure design the 3 d map, and then the 3 d drawing to us these model plank industry production molding, because the model of the product is covered by the world's cutting-edge technology products, technology research and development of the company's future is the fist products, once lost cause development huge loss, we accept figure must be specified in a special figure mailbox, figure by the specialist to be responsible for the management of the encryption, anyone without a confidentiality do not open the mailbox management team for approval. The processing workshop shall not be approved by the manager level or above. No one shall visit the workshop. Every drawing shall be numbered.

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It is our duty to do a good job to file the relevant materials of the developer who provides 3D drawings, prevent the leather bag company from drawing processing and visiting, and keep the confidentiality. We should start from the details and focus on preventing the loss of drawings to avoid causing unnecessary losses.

If you are not satisfied with the effect of the hand plate, the precision of the hand plate cannot reach plus or minus 0.1mm, which cannot meet your assembly requirements. The appearance effect of the hand plate sample you made (oil injection, silk screen printing, electroplating and other surface treatment) cannot reach 99% of the fidelity of the finished product.

You only need to return our hand plate express within 3 days after receiving it, and we will immediately, unconditionally and free make a new set of hand plate for you. Not only that, all the freight back and forth by me, you do not have any risk, we are still friends.

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