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ABS Medical model by CNC and vacuum casting

ABS Medical model by CNC and vacuum casting


Tuowei-Abs Medical Model By Cnc And Vacuum Casting, Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co

Generally, the products designed cannot be perfect, or even cannot be used. Once there are defects in direct production, they will be completely scrapped, which is a great waste of human and material resources and time. But the hand plate general situation is a few samples, the production cycle is short, the loss of manpower and material resources is small, quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and then improve, provide sufficient basis for product finalizing the design and mass production. The purpose of making a sputum expectorator hand plate is to test whether the drawing design is reasonable, and then carry out mass production.

Due to the large hand plate of expectoration machine, we usually use CNC to process it. This expectorant hand plate is made of ABS, and the surface treatment used includes polishing, oil spraying and silk screen printing, while the black acrylic mirror adopts the dyeing process. The following is a detailed introduction to the expectoration machine prototypes.

CNC machining: the cutter on the CNC equipment moves on the material according to the path set in the program, removing the excess part on the material, so as to get the prototype of the rapid prototype.

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