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3D printer 'gun parts' found in Manchester raid

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

3D printers and suspected 'homemade' gun parts seized during a police raid in Manchester are being inspected.

Officials initially thought they might be a 'plastic magazine and trigger' that could make a 'viable' gun.

But a man involved in the raid said the parts were part of a 3D printer.

Manchester police (GMP)

Now, it 'can't say explicitly' whether these objects are part of a gun or not.

The arrested man who was later released on bail said: 'This has nothing to do with the gun.

'I don't know why they think it's part of the gun.

It was designed by the company, which put the printer into the printer to make it better.

He added: 'The part suspected to be a gun magazine is actually a' fake offline stand 'for a 3D printer '.

3D printing technology works through layers of material.

Typical plastic

Create complex entity objects.

The equipment was seized in a series of raids against organized crime.

force spokesman said earlier that if the tests showed that the components could be an effective weapon, it would be 'the first time the UK has ever seized such a weapon '.

But experts are skeptical that the printer is complex enough to print gun parts.

Brian Derby, professor of materials science at the University of Manchester, said the seized printer appeared to be a machine for amateurs.

He said: 'It will make something that looks like a gun, but it won't work like a gun.

'We have to be very clear that at this stage we can't say clearly that we have recovered the parts for the 3D gun,' Asst Ch Con Steve Heywood said . '.

'What we seized was items that needed further forensic testing by the National ballistic experts to determine if they could be used to make truly viable firearms.

He added: 'It is clear that we have seized a 3D printer and have mastered the possibility of using this technology to produce weapons.

We carefully determine what these components can be used for and whether they pose any threat.

The BBC's interior correspondent Dominique Casani said that because of the relatively small number of guns in circulation, making guns through 3D printing is 'almost inevitable '. 'The worst-case-

He added: 'The scene will be a cheap 100% reliable device that can be manufactured overnight and then destroyed after one use, handling critical evidence to lock the suspect in.

The price of buying a desktop 3D printer on the street is less than 1,000, but the more complex model may cost 10,000.

The world's first gun made using 3D printer technology was successfully launched in the United States.

Defense Distributed, the organization that created guns, said it plans to provide blueprints online.

Defense Distributed by Cody Wilson, 25year-

An old law student at the University of Texas, who defended making design available, said: 'I 've seen a world where technology shows you can have almost anything you want.

'It's no longer up to political participants.

'At the time, Europol said it was worried criminals would follow as the technology became cheaper and more user-friendly.

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