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3d printer maker exone eyes 50 percent gross margin

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
(Reuters)-ExOne Co (XONE. O)
The company\'s chief executive said the February-listed 3D printer maker expects its gross profit margin to exceed 50% in three years to catch up with the gross profit margin of major competitors.
ExOne, with a market capitalization of about $0. 4 billion, plans to open three production and service centers this year (PSCs)
As part of its expansion into emerging markets in South America and Asia.
Chief executive Kent Rockwell said in an interview with Reuters that the company aims to raise its annual income to $100 million in three years.
ExOne reported revenue of $28.
2012 7 million.
\"If we reach the level of activity of $100 million (annual revenue)
\"By then, we should probably be able to maintain a profit margin of 50%,\" he said . \".
Gross margin aspects this will bring ExOne prediction its 2013 of gross margin for 42% ~ Revenue of 46% is $48 million to $52 million, close to its peer 3D Systems Company (DDD. N)
And Stratasys Limited (SSYS. O).
The gross profit margin reported by the 3D system and Stratasys is 51.
2% per cent in 2012. U. S.
In his State of the Union address on February, President Barack Obama said 3D printing technology \"has the potential to revolutionize how we make almost everything \". (link. reuters. com/fuw85t)
This technology creates solid objects from digital models by laying continuous thin layers of material.
BMW limited by share Ltd (BMWG. DE)
Ford Motor Company (F. N)
Caterpillar Corporation (CAT. N)and Boeing Co (BA. N)
Among industrial customers. As leading-
Edge 3D printers have found new roles in manufacturing, such as creating product prototypes, and share prices have risen.
ExOne\'s share price has risen 72% since the $18 listing on Nasdaq.
00 on February 7.
Its stock rose 4% to $32. Wednesday.
Three analysts who followed the company had the highest rating on the stock;
According to Thomson Reuters, the price target for two companies is $40.
The third analyst is targeting $35.
Holden Lewis, an analyst at BB & T Capital Markets, said he expects the company\'s gross profit margin to reach 50%, although this may be a little longer than the company\'s forecast.
\"Three to five years is reasonable,\" he said . \"
\"I see 50%
Plus the type of profit they can achieve, but this will be implemented by the PSC network as a whole.
Rockwell said ExOne plans to build three PSCs this year, one more than the fourth announcement
Quarterly earnings.
The company\'s five PSCs, which sell 3D printed parts and materials in the United States, Germany and Japan, contributed 45% of its revenue last year.
\"We will add another PSC in the United States. S.
In the second half of this year. We are (also)
\"I will launch the second paragraph in Japan,\" Rockwell said . \".
The third new PSC will be in South America, he said.
\"We are considering taking the PSC to South America this year.
Demand is clearly there, \"said Rockwell, who is also the founder and CEO of Rockwell Venture Capital.
He did not point out the specific countries of South America.
The company also plans to expand further in Asia, which accounted for 30% of revenue last year.
In addition to Japan, Rockwell said, the company also sells products in China, Taiwan and India.
Founded in 2005, ExOne is a subsidiary of Extrude Hone.
Its machine costs between $100,000 and $1.
5 million, can be printed on a variety of materials such as stainless steel, bronze, glass, silica sand and ceramics.
Rockwell said he expects the company to add at least three new materials over the next three years and to obtain seven or eight materials that meet industrial standards.
Lewis, capital market analyst at BB & T, said: \"You can imagine that if you can\'t print aluminum, now you can print aluminum, which will open up the possibility of a series.
\"But while some 3D printer manufacturers have applied the technology that manufacturers have been developing for more than 20 years to consumers --
Provide production prospects for all products from toys to tools
Rockwell also has no plans to follow up.
ExOne does not currently consider entering the consumer printer business, he said.
\"Now, as long as we focus on the industrial market we are in and the new materials we want to produce, we are smarter,\" he said . \".
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