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3D Printer Produces Revolutionary Robotic Hand

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10


Edge technology for custom buildings

Artificial hand has brought new hope to child amputees. Bristol-

The company made the hand in a combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

The open bionic company claims this is the first time ever to do so.

First, move a tablet with a scanner around the intercepted limb for measurement.

These are entered into a program that in turn controls the 3D printer.

The whole process takes a few days.

This development is significant because it means that complex hands can start to become affordable --around 拢1,200.

Products that do not currently use this relatively cheap technology range from 拢 10,000 to 拢 70,000.

For children whose arms are amputated, the price is a special problem because the speed at which they grow means that they need a new robotic hand every 12 months. Six-year-

Old Charlotte Nott from Oxford was amputated four years ago for losing blood.

Although she is very nimble on the stump, her mother Jenny is worried about how she will manage and need to take care of herself when she is a teenager.

'We can take care of her now, but what about when she wants to go out ? '

How will she take the money from her wallet and how will she find her bus ticket 'The Bristol team behind the new fake hand is considering kids like Charlotte to design the product.

Robot expert Joel geidabad told Sky News: 'Kids haven't had it yet

Robot hand services are provided by the prosthetic industry.

'This project can really help them because ideally they need a new prosthesis every year and that's where the cost part really helps them.

'The prototype still needs to be modified in order to make it smoother and lighter.

But the process is expected to take months rather than years.

3D Printer Produces Revolutionary Robotic Hand

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