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3D printer provides cheaper, lighter prosthetic hand for young girl

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
Ben Sambrook sat quietly on the windowsill of the Toronto Reference Library and played on the teacher\'s iPad.
He\'s surrounded by \"organized chaos\"
The future volunteer is John Spencer.
Fifth grade students at Jackman Avenue Junior Public School and high school students at Jarvis University are tinkering with 3D
They are assembling printed parts to make artificial limbs that will be delivered to children who need them.
\"They are working hard,\" AB said . \".
Velasco, a communications officer at the library.
This is the first hand-a-thon” (
Not hackathons)
In Canada, says Spencer.
This is also one of the rare times for Ben to finish the project for the first time.
\"You\'re done, Sir Ben,\" said his teacher Sylvia shut-in, handing her the fake hand he had just assembled, leading the rest of the class.
\"Don\'t you feel well?
It feels good for anyone to finish a project in the first place, but for Ben this is \"particularly special \". ”The 10-year-
The old man has a short memory decline in his life.
With the help and reminders of the people around him, he keeps his track, usually a little behind.
But as this achievement proves, he said, \"I\'m getting better and better . \". “He’ll say (
Other students)
Well, what should I do?
Help me with what I want to do because he\'s too enthusiastic, right?
Guan Yingshan said her eyes welled up.
\"But now he is the first one to finish today.
So it\'s really special. I\'m in tears. ”E-
Nable is a non-profit organization based in the United States.
Print fake hands.
Download and 3D for anyone
Print its design.
Organization and \"Handmadea-
Thons, \"like the one in the library, was donated to children who lack fingers.
Science teacher Guan, a fifth-grade student, studied electronic technology.
When she was on vacation, she helped start an innovation club at the Toronto Regional School Board.
The Library digital innovation center with 3D printers and the attention to the human body in the fifth grade science course all make the project convenient and relevant.
But when innovation is at the forefront, \"helping others\" is the basic theme of the day, because collaboration between grades is crowded on a row of tables.
Back on the windowsill, he lit up when asked about his achievements of the day.
\"It\'s really cool,\" he said.
\"I really like to help others.
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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