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3D printer stock soars on CES hype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Cube printers for 3D systems are one of the many printers on the market.
But there are not many 3D printers in stock.
The share of 3D Systems is soaring.
3D printers are expected to be popular this week at the CES gadget trade show in Las Vegas.
But the rendering of 3D objects is not just what geeks like.
Investors are also starting to become obsessed.
3D system shares (DDD)
The popular Cube printer rose more than 4% on Monday.
As of 2013, the stock had soared nearly 15% and began to enter a red hot spot.
This also follows a 2012 hot.
3D Systems is not the only company that has started to become a crowded field.
But this is one of the only pure dramas in the industry that are publicly traded. Stratysys (SSYS)
And the French Dassault system (DASTY)
The other two companies have a lot of exposure in the market.
MakerBot, the most famous company in 3D printing, is not public.
This week, it will present their latest products at CES along with the 3D system.
Although 3D printing is a legitimate growth business, it is the latest short business. lived tech fad.
DDD against the euro.
This thing will explode next week.
I like the technology, but it\'s already ahead.
The last hype was so big that a second release was announced the same week.
Prices fell more than 10% overnight.
Investors may indeed need to be a little nervous.
The 3D system is profitable. -
So at least it\'s not money-
Losing a company that is valuable to sales or hope-
Earnings expectations for stock trading are about 2013 Times.
This is obviously expensive.
If the company ultimately wants to use its soaring share price to sell more shares in a secondary offering, it may dilute the value of the current shareholder\'s shares.
Still, some investors have great hopes for the company. . .
Or at least stocks.
Some work has been done in this regard.
First of all, I will be a buyer for any callback.
The company presented at CES this week. . . . . .
$ DDD-
New Cube printer at CES.
Income is also rising. .
Short extrusion time?
Stocks may continue to rise this week as investors continue to focus on CES\'s new products.
But keep in mind that MakerBot and others are also on display.
If a competitor\'s 3D printer gets more attention, this can be negative for the 3D system.
Relevant information: We hope that the income of the 14 gadgets that we made our debut in CESAs will not appear to be available until February.
So investors have more time to wait.
However, the company will give a speech at next week\'s investment meeting held by investment bank Needham.
So there may be markets.
Mobile news there.
Yes, the stock may be squeezed, given these 42.
5% of available shares were held short as of the medium termDecember.
But this is a very high short-term interest rate.
Of course, these shorts may have to be covered in a hurry if the stock continues to rise.
But keep in mind that there is a reason why many bearish short sellers have focused on stocks in the first place.
But it looks like many traders are still excited, especially as the company continues to make acquisitions to help consolidate the still fragmented industry.
Last week, 3D Systems acquired a company called Geomagic.
DNev47 $ 3D Systems continues to acquire its stock as an expensive currency, turning the reverse transaction of DDD $ into Cisco for three d. . .
A little interesting.
But is it good or bad? Cisco Systems (CSCO)
Still a leader in the industry.
But too many acquisitions, combined with unsustainable valuations, have had an impact on its share price. Paul R.
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