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3d printer to carve out world\'s first full-size building

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Of course, we have heard of 3D.
The printed iPhone case, dinosaur bones, and even the human fetus ---
But huge things like buildings?
This is exactly what architect Janjaap ruisensenaars has been working on.
The Dutch native is planning to build what he calls a \'landscape house \".
This structure is two.
Story and layout in a numbereight shape.
The idea is that this form can be learned from nature and seamlessly integrated into the outside world.
Ruijssenaars described it on his website as \"a surface folded in the endless mobius band\" where the floor turned from inside to outside into a ceiling.
\"Trend news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters disruption production of The Harris Building will be called D-
Shape invented by Enrico Dini. The D-
Shape using a stereo printing process with sand and adhesive-
The structure created by the builder should be as strong as concrete.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the printer will lay thousands of layers of sand to 30-foot sections.
The blocks will then be used to compile the build.
\"Landscape House\" will be the first 3D-
According to the BBC, the cost of the printed building is estimated to be between $5 million and $6 million.
Ruisensenaars plans to finish the work sometime in 2014.
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