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3D printers, bitcoin and Titanfall at SXSW

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Bitcoin, 3D print lollipops and George Wuji from Star Trekactor-turned-Facebook-

Phenomenon is one of the attractions of the Southwest south festival held this week in Austin, Texas.

Known as Twitter's launch pad and the birthplace of Foursquare parties a few years ago, the annual tech confab has also attracted some big tech companies eager to test new ideas, or just show that they still 'support it '.

'If you don't go to Austin this year, here's a sample you missed :-

Microsoft's big Titanic launch line will begin forming around nine o'clock P. M. on Monday to attend the highly anticipated video game Titanic launch party held by Microsoft at ten o'clock . M.

It was around the block by eight o'clock P. M. and didn't move much.

12-year-old Joseph Cook and his uncle rode down from a nearby Round Rock and started the game for sale at midnight.

Cook said they have been waiting for 'I 've been watching this game since it was launched' since 6: 40 pm '.

He said what's great about 'parkour, Titan and guns.

Creator Titanfall from Call is a shooting game that can only play with others online --

No single-player mode.

You either play the pilot or the Titan and wear the giant Transformers --Like a robot suit.

Microsoft has many advantages over the Titanic.

The company's Xbox One console is behind Sony's PlayStation 4 in sales.

However, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's chief marketing and strategy officer, pointed out that it was too early.

'We may have 10 million consoles,' he quoted sales figures from Sony and Microsoft's latest generation of consoles as saying . '.

Analysts expect about 0. 35 billion consoles to be sold in the next few years before the next console cycle comes.

So why south-west instead of, say, a video game conference at the launch, 'just know there are a lot of fans here, and (that)

There is a cross between social, pop culture, games and technology.

'It makes it a very interesting place,' said Microsoft spokesman David Dennis . '. -BIO-

On Monday night, about 150 sweaty-backed people were crammed into plastic igloo, wearing special bracelets to measure their movement, physical warmth and excitement. -

Trak, the popular Canadian DJ, known for his collaboration with Kanye West and Yeah yes Yeahs, takes the stage as the audience gets excited --

Measured by their wristbands

Reach the peak.

Light twave, the startup behind the technology, believes that these bands have broad potential not only in concerts, but also in movies, sporting events or political gatherings.

There's an iPad in front of the DJ that shows the real crowd

Time excitement during the event.

He can adjust the music to guide the dancers.

Cocktail waitress offers a drink with glowing plastic ice cubes when the excitement reaches its climax, and when the body temperature starts to rise from all dances, a bottle of cold water is provided. -

Bitcoin ATM, bitcoin future a bitcoin bank machine at the trade show site asks for your phone number, government-

Post photo ID and handprint before purchasing bitcoin using cold hard cash.

On Tuesday afternoon, the dollar was exactly 0.

00149158 BitcoinThe news-

The production of digital currencies was also the subject of several panel discussions at the meeting, where the future, feasibility and usefulness of digital currencies were discussed.

Fred Assam, 25year-old co-

The founder of Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase told the audience on Monday that he was 'highly suspicious' of Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, identified as Bitcoin founder in the cover story of Newsweek, the creator of money(

Nakamoto denied that he was behind bitcoin).

But in the end, it may not be important.

'The important thing is technology,' said Ehrsam . ' He points out that if you stop someone on the street and ask who they are and create the STMP (

That is the simple mail transmission protocol, the technical standard behind the mail)

They may not be able to tell you.

They may use email though.

Ehrsam admits that his net worth is only bitcoin, but he predicts that the future of cyber currency will be strong.

' common mistake is to use Bitcoin as a currency first, not as a technology,' he said . ' First and foremost, he added, Bitcoin is a network that allows people to transfer ownership.

While it is now being used in business, its impact is wider.

Today's bitcoin is 'similar to the early days of the Internet,' Ehrsam said '. '-

Takei's TAKEGeorge Takei counted three generations of 'Star Trek' fans among his 6 million Facebook fans and 1 million Twitter fans. It's the 76-year-

The old actor first came south-southwest, where he was filming the second season of his YouTube show, the American Association of retirees

Sponsored 'take-out'

'On Tuesday, he talked about the Japanese intern battalion chief in his 1940 s, political activism, and used humor to expand his social media fan base.

He played down the stereotype that his generation was a technical expert, while acknowledging that some people might be afraid to 'go where no one has been before,' as Star Trek quoted.

Take his sister for example.

Takei said his sister had no computer.

He convinced her to buy an iPhone, 'but she left the iPhone at home whenever she left the house. 'Baby steps. -

Waiting for OREOIt can't get more SXSW than this.

Festival attendees are lined up and even in the rain have the opportunity to follow Twitter trends and use 3-D printer.

Users can pick from the 12 'trending flavors' and colors of the cookies, watch the printer make the cookies and wash them with a cup of milk.

Besides Oreo, 3-

Printed lollipops and chocolates also appear during the festival.

3D printers, bitcoin and Titanfall at SXSW

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