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3D printers touted as future for farm machinery

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Randy Janis believes that parts of agricultural machinery will be printed soon, not traditional manufacturing.

Janes, the future owner of the 3D printing company wave, said that in the end farmers will have their own 3D printers.

When the machine breaks, they will be able to print their own parts after getting the part design filean STL file —

From the implementation company.

'John Deere, Case, New Holland, all other companies in the world ,. . . . . . They will slowly figure out what the STL file is and what the value of the STL file is, and janes says he is an exhibitor at the Canada Farm Progress Show at Evraz Place on Friday.

Buying design files and printing them on their own will greatly speed up the repair process, Janes said.

'If you're on your farm and you break a gear on one of your devices, you need to get the crop off by tomorrow and you won't get it off,' he said.

'You print that gear at lunch time or the next morning, you put the parts on the table and go out and don't lose the harvest.

'Atrogrose is an engineer at atRodono Industrial Co. , Ltd. —

Manufacturing in Alberta

I think it will take a long time for 3D printed parts to achieve the durability they need.

'The durability of printed parts is a big problem, and the parts that are traditionally manufactured will last for 50 years or 100.

'So, yes, they put in a lot of investment, but they are destined to last for a long time,' he said . '.

'All the parts we make are steel.

'3D printing with steel is expensive and difficult at this point, although Janes says it has been done before.

But Janes did not pay attention to steel.

He believes that the material of the future is PLA ).

PLA is a polyester fiber made of renewable materials.

He has been working on filaments made of corn starch and sugar.

He also said that he is developing a new type of PLA that is 'more heat-resistant, UV-resistant and flexible.

'What is better than making things from growing things than fossil fuel plastics ? ' Janes believes that 3D printed parts are durable even if they are not Steel, based on a camper car made with his 3D printer, the largest in North America.

He also printed the parts for his vehicle and said they were still working well two years later.

The camper is printed by PETG, a filament made of recycled plastic bottles.

It took him nine days to print the camper on his 28x5x7-foot printer.

Janes is also working on developing a regeneration system that allows farmers to recycle their own plastics and convert them into new printed products.

He gave an example of turning the silo bag into a new tractor Fender.

'3D printing is additive manufacturing, so you won't waste it when you finish the product,' he said . '.

3D printers touted as future for farm machinery fixes at Farm Progress

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