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3D Printing a Transparent Sphericon

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
The \"sphere icon\" is a pleasant 3-
Size shape formed by connecting four and a halfcones.
This is a \"show-able\" shape, which means that all parts of it come into contact with the flat surface on which it rolls, and when it rolls, it has an interesting rocking motion.
In autodesk Inventor, we will make shapes in half.
The first half, we will do a half.
1 inch square meters on both sides. Do this in a 2-
Sketch as shown in Figure D.
The diagonal line will be used for the rotation of the axis.
Next, let\'s use the Revolve 3D command to start a solid revolution from a half square, as shown in the figure.
Rotate the triangle 180 degrees with an oblique edge as an axis.
You can imagine it in half.
The cones mate at the bottom.
Make the other half by copying the entity that has just been rotated.
Note that there is a square base on both sides.
If you pair the square base with the vertex, you get two cones (a \"bicone\")
Join at their base.
But the twist is: in order to make the sphere icon, rotate half of it 90 degrees relative to the other half, so that the vertex satisfies the basic edge.
Then match the two halves by binding the edges of the two squares to coincide.
It turns out that this is a simple print on the Objet stereo printing printer at Pier 9.
I used Vero transparent resin and polished.
I started with the Polish instructions for Robb and Noah, but since I was a little lazy I skipped a lot of courage and steps.
I start with 320 sandpaper and then wet the sand directly with 1000 sandpaper.
I missed a few places and had to touch 320 of the sand again, but NBD.
After that, I went straight to the polishing wheel.
Maybe it\'s not optical perfect, but it looks good for me and it may take 30 minutes.
This is another version of edge smoothing if anyone cares; )
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