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3D printing enters the pint-sized car making industry

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Ford's latest GT supercar won't be available until 2016, but it has been declared the most expensive car the company has ever had, with an estimated $400,000 for Lamborghini Aventador.

Most people can't afford this but that doesn't mean they can't have their own beer

Ford launched their new 3D print store last week, and the car is also in large size.

Ford 3D store allows customers to buy pre-

Print 3D models of their favorite vehicles in plastic, or download digital files to print on their own 3D printer.

Ford's authorized manager, Mark Bentley, told Boston that Ford was the first car manufacturer to sell documents producing 3D printers for cars. com.

'The store allows customers to interact with the Ford brand in new ways that they could not have done before,' Bentley said . '.

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Iconic Ford trucks and cars: currently, F-

The 150 Raptor, Shelby GT 350R, Focus ST, Focus RS, Carnival ST, and of course the limited edition Ford GT, but Bentley says there will be more models in the near future.

The documents cost only $4. 99, while pre-

The printed model (excluding the Ford GT) costs $39.

Ford GT costs $230. Pre-

The printed model is the 1/32nd scale of the plastic, but if the customer uses their own printer, they can choose the scale and material to use.

Some professional printers can use materials such as sandstone, soft plastic and even metal, says Bentley.

Why would anyone want six? inch Ford?

'As a souvenir for tables or children to play with,' Bentley said . '.

'We are turning numbers into objects.

'Children with cars --

loving dad will also think that the 3D model is the perfect gift for Father's Day.

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3D printing enters the pint-sized car making industry

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