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3D printing picks up slack from slumping manufacturing

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Experts say 3D printing is empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs and may help inject new vitality into Canadian manufacturing.

3D products are created by printing duplicate layers of material.

Nigel Neville, a Canadian manufacturing expert, hopes Canada will start investing in the new technology. “3D printing. . .

This is an opportunity and a question of how we can accept new technologies, 'said the former chairman of the Toronto Association of Manufacturing Engineers.

'The prosthesis is very important to me in some visual aspects. . .

In all the steel and debris assembled together, there is a feeling for women, 'she said.

Customizing your own artificial legs in a traditional way is out of reach.

As long as a prototype is developed with the designer, it may take tens of thousands of dollars, and the whole process may take several months.

But 3D printing is a game. changer.

People can use 3d modeling software to design their own prototypes and print them out in places like 3 dphackerman in Toronto within a few hours.

3 'Every day something new comes in from the door,' said Laurie Milsky, president of dphackerman . '.

His studio offers assistance in designing and printing new ideas, from artwork to inventions, such as gadgets that disinfect credit cards.

'We opened about 18 months ago and have been busier every day since then.

People are starting to realize the potential of 3D printing, 'he said. u200bHope-

Simpson worked with Nova Scotia's mind Robot Studio to realize her ideas.

The medical device company helped her quickly produce and print an art-designed prosthetic prototype.

'I think it's beautiful,' I hope . '

Simpson: 'I'm proud of that.

'They are now working to turn the model into a fully functional product that is printed out at a fraction of the cost of a regular prosthetic leg.

It was inspired by the project to think that the robot studio hired hope --

Simpson helped it create a business that creates more 3D printed prosthetic products.

'It's crazy that this opportunity is so good, and I'm coming soon after seeing what I want to do,' she said . '.

'For me and everyone involved in this project, it may be very exciting to see 3D printing.

3D printing has also created opportunities for entrepreneur Li renshao.

His latest easy-

Rinse razor has been hot off the printer at 3 dphackerman just in time for his meeting with a large razor company.

Renshaw said his prototype cost $300, but the bill would be $3 000 if he did it the traditional way.

'It saves me time, money and materials;

'You can use this to complete the prototype,' he said . '.

Southway said the technology can also reduce the cost of the factory by printing metal molds, parts and production tools.

'This is not our silver bullet. manufacturing]

But if we don't accept it and add innovation to it, we won't make any progress . '

Over the past decade, manufacturing jobs in Ontario alone have fallen by 30 percentage points.

3D printing picks up slack from slumping manufacturing

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