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3D Printing: Still A Good Idea?

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

3D printing is a technology that I have been paying close attention to for the past two or three years.

For those who don't know, 3D printing is when a material is melted into the form of water and then discharged from a certain point.

The material is then layered until it creates the desired object.

For example, the original idea behind giving people the power to create anything they want is that as long as they are able to design it successfully, it allows people to create broken parts of hangers.

Makerbot, one of the creators of the first 3D printer, never imagined that someone would start designing 3D models of assault rifle parts for free download by anyone who wants it.

Cody Wilson, 25. year-

An old law student at a non-profit organization called Defense Distributed that helps develop and publish

3D gun design.

These designs are posted to their site Defcad, in retaliation, and after their gun designs have been removed from the Thingiverse site, people can post any of their designs.

Cody hasn't really printed out a whole gun yet, but he has printed a successful down receiver, the area of the gun where the trigger is located.

There was a video on YouTube showing that the lower receiver successfully fired about 600 bullets, not even cracked.

Cody's team also made magazines for AK-and other assault rifles. 47 and the AR-15.

The print gun is something that Bre Pettis and some other creators of the first 3D printers designed for the public simply didn't expect.

As Cody said in the video explaining Defcad: Will 3D printing be subversive?

If we can, it's because it allows us to create something important.

It's not a gadget, it's not a gadget on the lawn, it's something that institutions and industries are interested in us.

Things like access, medical devices, medicines, goods, guns, etc.

Defcad will provide access to a view of these things.

Important things

Everyone has the right to get their opinions, but when your opinions are not correct on such a large scale, you get the support of people, free of charge without any government background checks then this is an issue.

Institutions and industries have no interest in medicines, medical devices and goods far from the public-

Just downloading and printing a 3D arm that works automatically does not exist.

Cody is trying to break the boundaries of 3D printing, which is great, however, by creating a weapon part that anyone can download for free without any background checks, this is not a good example of pushing the limits of 3D printing.

Defcad allows criminals, mentally unstable and irrational teenagers to download a whole gun and after that they only need ammunition, which is very cheap.

According to a poll released by pollingreport.

As of March 26, 91% of those who voted supported the background check.

What Cody is doing is creating a way to make an untraceable weapon.

When our country tries to keep weapons out of the hands of those who commit crimes or mental illness, the idea does not help and only harms society.

3D Printing: Still  Good Idea?

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