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3D Rapid Prototyping Service & Company Are Changing the Automotive Industry

3D Rapid Prototyping Service & Company Are Changing the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry has never stopped its development. There were significant achievements occurring in cleaner fuel sources, driverless cars, and creative design options. And the development of 3D printing lights up a different road for the development and innovations in the automotive sector. In this article, we are to discuss a few aspects of auto manufacturing that 3D rapid prototyping service has changed and is going to change.

3D Rapid Prototyping Service Brings Changes to the Car Designs

The automobile design experiences different phases in every 10 years. Over time, car designs seem like time capsules to the age they belong to. The distinctive characteristics of car designs in the 1960s were their muscular aesthetic appearance and spacious curvy bonnets. With the progress of technology, in the 1970s, a car design featuring a simpler and more streamlined body type with a sportier look was brought in. In fact, lots of changes in car design were closely linked to the technology available and the capability of mass production at the time.

Now, the emergence and rise of 3D rapid prototyping service is giving manufacturers and designers greater freedom to try out more creative and bolder designs.

With 3D printing, car designers can rapidly create prototypes of a physical part or assembly, from simple internal components to dashboards and even scale models of entire cars. Rapid prototyping enables designers to turn their ideas no matter how bold they are into proof of concept models which are more convincing than abstract ideas. The models can be further developed into high-fidelity prototypes to guide their new design through a series of verification phases and finally enter mass production. In the automotive sector, design verification is absolutely essential.

By partnering with a professional rapid prototyping company, high-quality parts, prototypes, and models of cars can be produced within a day at a lot more economical price. Thus, being able to verify and iterate their design more effectively, affordably, and flexibly, designers are more creative and bolder in design.

3D Rapid Prototyping Service Makes Car Restoration Possible

In addition to opening more possibilities to car design, 3D rapid prototyping service also has great potential in restoring classic cars.

For functional products like cars, people always face with tricky issues in their maintenance. For example, it is rather challenging to find parts for severely out-of-date cars. This is where 3D printing plays its magic. Using 3D printing technology, Australia motorcar engineers successfully made a 103-year-old engine come to life. It is impossible to achieve by traditional means, but 3D technology nailed it.

With 3D printing, the time and cost spent on finding obsolete car parts can be significantly reduced. It also provides automakers and 4S stores with an alternative to having parts on hand all the time, which brings great savings on material, inventory and shipping costs.

If you are looking to start 3D printing your car parts, a reliable and professional rapid prototyping company like Tuowei can always bring you the best.

3D Rapid Prototyping Service Brings New Changes to Car Customization

Customization plays a critical role in the whole automotive manufacturing culture. It has already been possible to customize some car parts and different paintings to achieve a certain level of personalization of cars.

But 3D printing technology gives many new possibilities in this aspect. In the near future, it may be possible to see people personalize their cars by offering their 3D files. To make it happen, the commercial 3D printers should be developed further to make 3D print metal parts more affordable and more accessible.

According to the current development trend of 3D printing technology, we believe that consumers will quickly be able to customize their cars in an even more personal and economical manner.

What’s more, with 3D rapid prototyping service, carmakers can upgrade their vehicles with immense ease. And they can increase their range of custom parts and offer aesthetic upgrades.

3D Rapid Prototyping Service Makes 3D Printed Cars the Way of Future

It might be a while before 3D printed cars come to the masses. The 3D printing process is not the best way for the mass production of a product, at least for now. But this technology significantly lessens the costs of car manufacturing and speeds up the design and manufacturing process. Much the same as the electric cars, people will finally flock to 3D printed cars over time because they have less carbon emission.

If we look forward to the future of 3D printing, the limit of its possible applications seems don’t exist. Since 3D printing was invented in the 1980s, the automotive industry has been one of the major driving forces. The industry has contributed a lot to the fast development of 3D printing while benefiting from this 3D rapid prototyping service.

In the future, the people may simply go online, downloading an STL file and then print a car. It might seem impracticable and impossible to you now. But who knows, maybe one day, you can actually print our cars at home easily or manufacture one at a rapid prototyping company quickly and cost-effectively.

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