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Rapid Prototyping Suppliers: Service that Is Changing the Footwear Industry

Rapid Prototyping Suppliers: Service that Is Changing the Footwear Industry


Today, 3D printing technology is being applied in more and more industries. And there are more and more rapid prototyping suppliers engaging in offering this service. The fashion field, of course, is not an exception. The technology is bringing greater possibilities and innovative solutions to shoe manufacturing. We have already seen 3D rapid prototyping service being utilized in the fashion industry in a variety of ways, from jewelry to garment design, and so on. But its applications in the fashion field do not end there. There is a new trend of 3D printing applications in the fashion field: 3D printed shoes. It is possible to 3D print shoes with insoles and with astonishing designs. Once again, everything is made possible by 3D printing technology.

Additive manufacturing technology in shoe manufacturing has really taken off over the last few years. Rapid prototyping suppliers are all striving for improving the technology in this field. The design and manufacturing process for shoes is complex. Thus the manufacturing is often time-consuming and requires certain experience and expertise, especially when manufacturing a customized product. 3D printing technology is the best tool to simplify this process. But there is still a long way to go before 3D printing technology is truly incorporated into the mass production of shoes. Big shoe companies like Adidas have made great strides in promoting the application of 3D printing technology in their sneaker manufacturing.

3D Rapid Prototyping Service - Bringing Technological Innovation

The craft of producing shoes has been developed for many centuries. For quite a long time, all production processes are done manually. In 1856, American Lyman Blake developed the first shoe sewing equipment. The machine got perfected in 1864, ushering in the high industrialization of footwear manufacturing. Today, with the development of 3D printing in rapid prototyping suppliers worldwide, shoe manufacturing is expected to go to the next level.

Like many industries, in the shoe industry, the 3D printing technology presently is mainly used for fast prototyping to show customers the design, size, detail, and so on before going into mass production, which can significantly save time and money. But the technology is gradually being applied to other areas.

As 3D printing technology continues to develop, more and more materials can be used for 3D printing, rapid prototyping suppliers offering this service are increasing rapidly, new possibilities appear. Many shoe designer and companies like to use the technology for production. The technology allows them to try many times to find the most appropriate materials for their footwear. And by trying resistance and forces during the prototyping process can really help in adjusting and customizing throughout. The technology allows them to make bold designs and create innovative new shapes for shoes.

Rapid Prototyping Suppliers: 3D Printed Sneakers Became Reality

Sneakers now can be partly manufactured by 3D printing technology. In fact, the midsoles of sneakers are especially suited to 3D printing. Many large shoe manufacturers, like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Under Armor, are closely cooperating with rapid prototyping suppliers to develop and produce their 3D printed sneakers.

Customizing your own shoes has already made possible by Adidas. At present, you are allowed to customize the look and the color of your shoes. Adidas has introduced a limited edition of Futurcraft 4D shoes, which are made using 3D printing. These shoes can provide personalized support and enable mass customization.

Another similar 3D printed footwear series is New Balance Zante Generate. Their sneakers come with a partially 3D printed midsole that offers strong support to athletes.

Rapid Prototyping Service: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Process of Shoes

Nike also utilizes 3D printing for prototyping, and they often use Selective Laser Sintering technology. With rapid prototyping service, you can easily revise design over and over again to the best.

Nike is using 3D printing service offered by prestigious rapid prototyping suppliers to prototype its sneakers. Using 3D printing was estimated to bring a 10% saving in cost. 

Many leading footwear manufacturers now begin to use additive manufacturing to remain competitive and improve their production processes at every level, including product development, customization, and mass-production. 

Rapid Prototyping Suppliers: Market of 3D Printed Footwear is Growing

The footwear industry is already a well-developed industry that includes all kinds of materials and products, from men's and women's shoes to specialized products such as snowboard boots. The industry generated more than $106 billion in revenue worldwide in 2018. Most companies that work in this industry still use traditional methods for production. But the market for 3D printed shoes is still growing, particularly in the sportswear sector with brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok.

Some manufacturers, such as ECCO, are focusing on expanding the usage of 3D rapid prototyping service in the final products. However, Adidas remains at the forefront of this industry in this field. As a pioneer, they appear to be among the only brands to genuinely bring the technology into mass production. 3D printing in the shoe sector has gone out and in the marketplace for many years. However, Adidas is the only one so far, which has managed to increase production capacity.

Adidas has a very aggressive strategy to scale this. The plan will place it as the biggest manufacturer of 3D printed footwear worldwide. Adidas is obviously leading the marketplace in the 3D printing of shoes right now. However, as large as Adidas is and how hard they're promoting the technology, they haven't released fully 3D printed shoes yet. Fully 3D printing of sneakers appears to have a very long way to go. But a lot of shoe firms are moving towards this way.

Rapid Prototyping Suppliers: What’s Future of 3D Printed Shoes?

3D printed shoes can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. 3D printed shoes are actually accessible to anyone and could be developed more broadly. Personalized pairs of sneakers are now available to everyone, and mass customization will get ground in the upcoming years.

3D printing is an excellent way to produce shoes perfectly fit your feet. Big shoes companies are incorporating 3D printing process in the production. 3D printed sneakers, as a result of brands such as Nike or Adidas are presently going into the mass production era.

Designers will continue to use 3D rapid prototyping service as it enables them to make extraordinary designs with much more freedom. 

The footwear market is more connected to 3D printing than you may think. It may be employed to inspire design creativity or to alter manufacturing methods by discovering an ecological method to make, or perhaps to get made-to-measure shoes or insoles for more comfort.

There are numerous reasons to produce shoes using 3D printing. Would you like to begin your own 3D printing business in the footwear market? Well, here is our very first advice: Select a professional rapid prototyping service provider. The good service can allow you to get the best result.

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