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5 New Technologies You Should Integrate Into Your Business

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

At least in the tech world, it is often believed that traditional companies are slow to adapt to emerging trends.

This may have been true in the past, but it is less and less now.

After seeing smaller businesses act quickly, taking advantage of emerging trends, the company is now responding faster to new technologies than ever before, and has found ways to integrate new technologies into its business.

Here are five tools that represent some of the most popular technology trends and how traditional businesses can leverage them into powerful business solutions: 1.

Augmented reality if there is any doubt about the future of augmented reality, it should be put on hold when Microsoft launches HoloLens glasses.

The company recently announced that it will provide AR headsets to developers early next year.

While the technology is still in its early stages, it is clear that Microsoft is targeting corporate customers.

Yes, many of the demos shown are games, but it may just be to show the capabilities of the platform.

Microsoft has also quickly demonstrated the potential business application of headphones, and it is clear that Microsoft focuses on traditional business in HoloLens.

How to integrate: enterprises can use AR devices like HoloLens to showcase design, collaborate remotely, and view and learn new things related to the real world.

Business ideas are better accepted when they are presented rather than told.

Holographic computing equipment provides a unique opportunity to bring products and information into life.

Most importantly, the AR lens allows the user to imagine and use three lenses

There is no Dimension Data for creating or launching fees. 2.

Wireless meeting rooms any respected company has multiple meeting spaces to bring teams together to discuss strategies and progress.

In the past, displaying images and videos involved bulky solutions where wires, cables and connectors were played in conference space.

Today, the conference room is entering the wireless era with Internet connection.

Most users see simple consumer solutions like Apple's Airplay or Google's Chromecast.

But big companies need stronger solutions.

How to integrate: with a wireless solution that connects offices, employees and customers to make it easier for all involved, regardless of their location, to share and collaborate.

One of the solutions is Kramer, which provides VIA collaboration tools designed to bring meeting rooms to where your team is located.

With VIA, companies can wirelessly transfer videos and presentations in multiple conference rooms.

It allows participants to easily control or share the screen.

These unique features not only show simple demos, but also allow team members to work together.

By describing the reality of modern devices and multiple platforms, so whether users are PC or Mac, Android or iPhone, they can easily connect and share their screens.

In this world, more and more companies allow employees to BYOD (

Bring your own equipment)

This is very important.

Of course, the company ensures that it meets the needs of large enterprises and protects all transmitted data by encrypting the data. 3.

The internet of things in the enterprise, whether it is smart lights, smart thermostats or connected security cameras, the Internet of Things has generated a wide range of consumer groups --


This does not mean that enterprises are ignored.

In fact, enterprises may become one of the largest markets for IoT devices.

In fact, manufacturers are already using connected sensors and cameras to monitor productivity and efficiency.

How to integrate: The Internet of Things is not only to enhance the ability of things, but also to enhance people's ability. Take time-

For example, tasks such as consuming data input.

With the development of the internet of things in the workplace, manual input will become increasingly unnecessary, limiting errors, and freeing up more time for employees to focus on applying this data and reducing the time it takes to enter it.

In addition, the connected equipment will only accelerate the existing trend of employee mobility and greatly improve the production efficiency of employees ---

No matter where they are in the world4.

You may think, 'Of course, 3D printing will affect the enterprise;

This is where it started. ” That’s true.

This technology has its roots in the enterprise, especially in the manufacturing field where rapid prototyping is essential.

However, 3D printing has recently expanded into the consumer space and is welcomed by hardware startups and manufacturers looking to try new designs.

Due to the substantial reduction in the cost offered by the new generation of 3D printers, 3D printing has even entered the fashion world.

As these new, smaller, and more affordable 3D printers return to the business, it seems logical that they will enable large companies to purchase and deploy the next generation of uses for these devices on a large scale.

The flexibility and speed 3D printing provides is not too much.

So with a new generation of more affordable printers coming online, businesses will benefit as much as startups.

How to integrate: for businesses, 3D printing creates a quick, easy way to build things from scratch.

Take prototype production as an example.

This gives businesses the opportunity to try new things. -

And the freedom to make mistakes. -

Before creating a prototype.

According to Gartner, shipments of 3D printers are expected to double between 2018 this year and a year.

So this cut

Edge technology will begin to play a bigger role in simplifying day-to-day workto-

Daily business processes from prototyping to customization.

Therefore, enterprises will see an increase in innovation and a decrease in manufacturing costs. 5.

This is definitely a pure consumer space, right?

With fitness trackers and smart watches leading the market, there doesn't seem to be a perfect match at first glance.

But there are two key opportunities for businesses.

First, in the area of health;

Another is in the field of smart watches.

How to integrate: in a wearable space dedicated to health and fitness tracking, this is a new opportunity for businesses, encourage employees to live a healthy and positive lifestyle by providing them with a fitness tracker.

The benefits of a healthy workforce are obvious, and since the price of many simple fitness trackers is so low, this can become one of the standard devices that employees receive.

As for smart watches, they can be used to show employees the extra mobility, accessibility and freedom of how they work, and the ability to dial and receive voice calls and text messages and receive real information

Time will be updated no matter where they are.

As Apple enters and Android wearables continue to grow rapidly, businesses need to take a serious look at the industry to see how to take advantage of these increasingly powerful wearables. What about you?

What technology trends do you think will shake the business?

Let me know in the comments.

5 New Technologies You Should Integrate Into Your Business

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