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5 World-Famous Products That Are Shameless Rip-Offs

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

You know, when cheap, generic counterfeits start popping up everywhere, a product or brand has become a big deal: Bruce Springsteen once had John melencamp and magazines. . .

Well, you see.

However, it turns out that many of the 'fake' brands we laugh at in supermarkets are in the more famous Million

$ 'Original' product. . .

Completely stole their thoughts. Like . . .

Lego copied its great ideas from the Kiddicraft block slego blocks, one of the world's most famous toy collections, and for good reason.

Everyone has--

Children who like building materials can create their own elaborate set of games, and children who like to break down toys can do so without making their toys unusable.

It's such a simple and genius idea that you can't help but ask how the people who started the company came up with the idea ---

Or rather, how did they bring it up before others.

Tip: they don't.

These are not Lego blocks: these are the 'self' of Kiddicraft'

The same thing was invented by 'CreatedLEGO.

This is what Lego was doing at the time: in 1939, Hillary Fisher Page, a child psychologist, writer and pioneer toy manufacturer, developed a new visionary toy: hollow toy, there are four or eight plastic building blocks for spikes that children can use to build things from small toy houses to huge plastic skyscrapers.

Page himself built the buildings for the grandstand of kediclav.

Do you know the impressive Lego displays in their parks and shops?

Kiddicraft did this before the Lego blocks existed.

Here are some pictures of children's buildings: in the same year, Lego founder Ole Kirk ansen bought a plastic injection molding machine from a salesman who showed the types of toys that could be produced with it.

This is just an example of machine capability, but Christian Sen has a better idea: call it by another name.

Lego enters the full Thomas Edison mode, copying the children's rides to the accompanying small doors and windows: of course, the rest is history.

Lego continues to be a household name so that it is impossible to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night now without stepping on at least one of their products (

Even if you have no children at home).

In turn, when Page went to the toilet at his company, he committed suicide in 1957.

LEGOby happily bought his rights to other ideas after 80 s and then did nothing.

4 Oreo is torn off the Hydrox, not the Oreo of AroundNabisco so popular that the name itself is actually synonymous with sandwich cookies, so far, before you just read, many of you may not even realize that 'sandwich cookies' is a term (

We all call them Oreo, like aspirin or hot water bottles).

Oreo is deeply rooted in American culture, we even soak Oreo with milk, but Oreo is eaten and enjoyed all over the world. Yep, Hydrox --

Otherwise called 'Sorry, Billy, there's no real Oreo in the store '---.

Oreo has always been a fake brand.

In 1908, Hydrox cookies made their debut as a signature product of a small company called Sunshine cookies.

They were welcomed by the public with open arms and single-handedly.

For four years, he dominated the sandwich biscuit market alone. . .

Until they noticed the huge food company Peeping with interest on their shoulders.

National Biscuit, a big company that later became Nabisco, is interested in this strange new product that seems to have caused angry cookie boners everywhere it is sold, and created its own ri to tear the whole country apart using the huge advantages they have built, distribution channels and huge advertising budgets.

Although sunshine is an emerging small company, it does not lie down to accept this offense ---

For a long time, their entire marketing strategy has been saying, 'Well, guys, let's go first, remember ? '

In the end, however, they had to stop doing this because it was simply not credible: Oreo became so popular that Hydrox, any statement to the contrary will be met with angry 'Shyeah' right 'from the public '.

The brand name they choose may not help with cleaning products or comic book villains in their 90 s.

Nabisco's marketing mechanism was so bad that sunshine was eventually acquired by other companies, their products stopped, and dirty imitation products known as 'Oreo' became cultural icons.

If you think this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore, here's a recent example. . .

ShamWow 3The guy stole his product (and Style)

You 've seen it on TV countless times from Billy MaysYou, and maybe you 've even thought about buying it: ShamWow is super

Absorbent towels are one of the most popular ads ever.

This is all the work, the most famous is The Vince quote, and even the bester known as the 'Shami wow man.

'Whether you like it or hate his annoying guts, you have to admit that it takes real talent to turn a rag beautified in the name of' fake 'into the best rag --

Sell 'What you see on TV' feeling.

ShamWow is just as absurd to blatantly plagiarize others-

Zorbeez, released two years ago, was sold to the death of the third-biggest celebrity in June 2009: TV host Billy Mez.

But it's a big deal, right?

This technology has been around for decades and has been used by many products before.

These guys have just found a more creative way to sell.

Or Mace did the same because it turned out that his pitching style was completely taken away.

Look at the comparison between the two ads: from 'Hi, it is (name)with (product)

'Say hello at the beginning. . . . . .

They pressed the towel in a glass bowl with both hands while bragging about how much liquid it had. . . . . .

Then there was a towel thrown into the washing machine. . . . . .

Someone poured soda on the carpet and told you it could also clean wine and coffee in this order.

Then they pressed the towels on the carpet and cleaned the Coke. . . . . .

Before reminding you of the money spent on paper towels in a week.

After seeing the ad, Mace was furious and decided to be a WWE wrest ---

See ShamWow as an obvious knockoff, voice yourself as the ultimate Pitchman and make a challenging offer to the 'pitch'

'We can only assume that this is the commercial slang for cage games.

Perhaps wise, Offer chose to avoid his legitimate anger. off, bear-sized opponent.

Instead, he turned and 'invented' a kitchen appliance called 'Slap Chop. . .

And start marketing, through, an early, same product is also sold by Mez.

Shameless products have no honor between vendors.

Skechers turned charity into a peeing match with counterfeiters. Skechers is the biggest shoe company in the world and many of you may equate it with 'but, we have to praise them for trying to do the right thing.

Take the BOBS series shoes they launched in 2010: they are not only comfortable, affordable shoes designed in the South American espadrilles style, they are actually designed specifically for good things

They are produced in developing countries, and Skechers actually donate one pair for each pair of children they sell.

No, from another point of view, this is not the same shoe. -

If you look closely, you will find that it says TOMS instead of BOBS.

The difference is very big, because Thomas is not entirely operated by bean bags.

The original TOMS of BOBS skic copied the whole thing, and the smaller company launched 'onefor-

The idea of charity four years ago.

Well, now we have two companies that give shoes to poor kids and we have to complain about that. . .

It is, in addition to not just the good deeds that skic copied.

BOBS seems to have been designed specifically to drive TOMS out of the company. -

They are all based on espadrille in Argentina, they are all male names on all hats, and on top of that, Skechers initially cost $2 cheaper than TOMS.

In a massive kick-off event, commit to donate two pairs for each pair of BOBS purchased, not one pair.

Hell is 'inspired by the good deeds of others.

'If this is really the purpose, why not start donating some of their existing products?

On the contrary, skic seems to go out of his way to turn the charity model into an irritating competition.

They had to replicate everything about Thomas, and there was no logical reason to plant themselves as their direct competitors.

Look at this: every pair of Bo bu espadree shoes sold are one that Thomas did not sell.

While neither company gives the sales figures for their goodwill shoes, it is safe to say $1.

There are 4 billion skiers in Thomas every year (

Their total sales since 2006 are about $44 million).

If they really don't want to be evil here, they do a fantastic job in that.

1 pixar's Finding Nemo is suspiciously like a children's book, telling the story of a clownfish looking for lost loved ones with the help of other marine creatures, it is still the most acclaimed and commercially successful animated film.

If you 've never seen a DVD before, then you haven't been with the kids at all for the past decade or so.

This is also a Pixar movie. canguessthis .

If you see that cover in the bookstore, you might think it's some cheap picture book and soon be thrown together by some people who want to make money in Disney movies, not-too-

Careful parents

That's exactly what the French bookstores thought, and why they stopped stocking when they published the book in 2003. . .

Although it is actually earlier than the movie.

According to the author of the book, this similarity is not a coincidence.

In 1995, French children's writer Frank Le Calvis wrote a script called ---

He envisioned the film as an animated film and managed to sneak it into the hands of some filmmakers.

Unfortunately no one is interested in the idea, so in the end Le Calvez put his savings and self

children's illustrated book was published in 2002.

At least that way, he can tell people his story, hey, maybe some movie studios will like it and turn it into a movie.

Imagine, a year later, when a movie was released and made millions of dollars, the brick he saw was not found except his name.

Although they have never seen the script, there is a difference between the two works.

Nimo and Piero are both clownfish living in sea anemones. . .

Both nominal characters lost the parents of the Predator (

Father of Piero and mother of Nemo)

Apart from the rest, the plot of the story is about their reunion.

Although the focus at this time shifted to Nemo's father Marin, the similarities are still accumulating.

Marin/Piero all met the surgeon fish during the trip ('s Dory)

And other underwater characters, including cleaner shrimp.

Disney lawyers had the author's breakfast at Le Calvez without any surprise.

In the end, Piero and Nemo are completely different characters because they have reasonable reasons.

5 World-Famous Products That Are Shameless Rip-Offs

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