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Any Caution for Making Prototypes?

Any Caution for Making Prototypes?


Prototype is a hand-crafted sample produced according to the design drawing of an exact product. The main function of a prototype is assessing the physical structure of the item, or we call it product.  As we started the process of making a prototype, what should we take into account in the first step?  For laymen, the cautions are undoubtedly the key things.

First of all, the 3D format drawing of designed item is necessary once the manufacturing begins.  In this case, the first thing that required of carefulness is the drawing(s).  In other words, if the design drawing can not describe the figure with detailed size, shape, or even the length and width of each edge,the radian of each corner, prototypes can be failed even though they are processed with high-precision techniques.

Secondly, a reliable and honest manufacturer is also the key factor of prototyping.  For consumers, the quality of the ordered products, the shipping time, and the post-production services are of positive meaning to the business.  Meanwhile, suppliers ought to guarantee the level of professionalism which includes the work allocation and enough professional experience and skills from engineers and hand-craft workers.

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Finally, confidentiality is a important standard that enable consumers to judge whether manufacturers are independent in their supplying ability and processing abilities.  Conversely, more outgoing orders mean that product details and buyers' privacy might have exposed to other suppliers or even other buyers.  In this case, Tuowei Model Technologies Company provides clients with their outstanding processing technologies and encryption systems to all details upon the business.

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