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Good Material of High Temperature Prototype

Good Material of High Temperature Prototype


When we were ready to make a plastic prototype, have some customer aimed at the mockup will have special requirements, Such as, they wil need a high temperature resistant, and if they are not acquaint with the material, they often will ask some questions about which material is more useful for their design,AS for this situation, for the customer of LED industrial It is common questions, now, we will introduce to some standard material  of high temperature resistant and also their ability of material  to you as below:

About the plastic prototype, the material of high temperature resistant is PPS, This material can be reach 300-330 degrees high temperature resistance, and It is the most prominent feature of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. With our 15 years of experience in prototyping  processing and done before prototype, prototype of PPS material  can do nothing deformation under the high temperature of 230 degrees, so when the customer have this demand, would first consider the PPS materials.

PPS material

In addition to the PPS material, the PTFE material also is prefer good, and it also can do nothing deformation under the high temperature of 230 degrees. Meanwhile, the PC material also can reach high temperature of 130 degree, As for the high temperature resistant, the PC material is more better for ABS material.

PC material

Such as customer service for a long time, often will face some customers worry to the choice of materials and believe that saw this article, problems can be solved, you can choose according to actual requirements after proper high temperature resistant material.

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