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How to Machine Big Abs Prototypes as 1 Piece

How to Machine Big Abs Prototypes as 1 Piece


Sheet ABS material, with good hardness, impact strength, dyeing, corrosion preventive properties. It’s the most popular material in prototyping industry. Also the price is cheap.


Raw ABS material has three colors-white, yellow and black.CNC milling ABS is common technology in rapid prototyping.


If the dimension of products is small, it’s easy processed in Tuowei. But how can we machine the parts with the length of more than 1.2 meters? No other way, but to split,then glue together. If parts need high strength, it’s not acceptable by clients.


Recently, Tuowei prototype brought in a big cnc machine. The biggest processing size is 2000*1300*650mm.It means some parts can be finished as 1 piece.


Below is a case study for your reference.This ABS prototype is processed as 1 piece. Our new machine gives the biggest support for this project and also our experienced cnc machine operators did a great job!

 ABS prototype

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