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The 3D Printing Prototype Manufacturer in Shenzhen

The 3D Printing Prototype Manufacturer in Shenzhen


In the movie “Chinese Zodiac12” starred by Jackie Chan,  there is a plot, after the stolen national treasure Twelve Zodiac head data scanned by the computer, exactly the same animal head was duplicated by a magic machine. This plot gives a brief idea of 3D printing process. It seems simple and nothing special.3D printing is to print out the parts according to 3D drawings by 3d printer machine.It is currently another popular machining method in prototype industry.

3D printing (3DP) is a rapid prototyping technology, which is based on digital model file. It use metal powder or plastic and other adhesive materials to form the object layer by layer. In fact, 3d printing method is very suitable for all products with simple or complex structure and it can process different materials with high precision and short delivery time .

3d printer

3d printing prototype model

Shenzhen TUOWEI model is a professional 3d printing manufacturer.It is equipped with an imported 3d printer from Israel and 3 SLA and SLS printers made in China.

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